Explore all of CareLineLive's features

From call monitoring to compliance or tasks to travel time, CareLineLive has a comprehensive set of features


Care Circle Portal



Access your data easily and know changes have been properly recorded to improve compliance

Carer & client reviews

Schedule carer & client reviews and spot checks to improve compliance and standards

Carer training & requirements

Ensure all carer training and qualifications are relevant and up to date with the CareLineLive reporting and alert functions

Contingency Planning

Be in a position to react faster when something unexpected happens, improve risk management and plan more effectively


Store documents against carers and clients with an option to make documents viewable by carers right in the Carer Companion App


Minimise paper records by customising your own digital forms. Streamline and improve data capture. Secure more strongly your data storage.


Gather valuable insights and data with reports in multiple areas to improve your processes and compliance

Security & Privacy

We take care of keeping your data safe in the cloud. Always available to authorised users and no need for local back-ups

Visit Verification

Complete visibility of client visits including carer check-in and check-out times, completion of tasks, care provisioning notes & alerts

eMar & Carer Tools

Completion statuses

Customise your eMAR to set up a variety of completion statuses and alerts


Improve the quality of your care and record keeping with visit-specific carer tasks and including log completions, comments and even photos

Printable MAR sheets

Print MAR sheets as and when needed to provide a complete paper-based record whilst easing the transition to digital record keeping

Task Completion via App

Improve the quality of your care and record keeping with visit-specific carer tasks and including log completions, comments and even photos

Fully Managed Handsets

Device management and remote wipe

Everything you would expect from a managed handset including Google Workplace account functions

Mobile data plan

Choice of mobile phone network providers which allow unlimited national calls and texts, and unlimited data, subject to a fair usage policy. The Carer Companion App comes pre-installed. It’s intuitive and easy to use

Payroll & Invoicing

Advanced rate & contract configuration

Create your invoices and payroll by configuring your client and carer contracts precisely using options such as hourly, pro-rata, non pro-rata, unsocial and fixed rates


Integrate CareLineLive with your other software and applications to provide a seamless and complete system that meets your exact requirements


Reduce work and paper consumption with easy & flexible invoicing functions. Generate invoices with a few clicks and email them immediately

Mileage and Travel Time

Estimate and calculate different journey times and types, as well as mileage, and automatically include details in your payslips and invoices

Split Contracts

Create multiple contracts assigned for different clients and carers or according to visit types or funding models

Rostering & Care Management

Call Monitoring

Instant and accurate recording of carer visits with GPS and QR code scanning that records location and times

Care Notes

Carers can create comprehensive visit notes for future carers and families by using the Carer Companion App

Carer Leave & Availability

Improved planning of carer availability, leave and holiday entitlements. Holiday pay calculation.

Contact Information

All the essential information that you need, kept up to date and available for you, your carers, your clients and their families

Continuity & Compatibility

Match carers to clients to ensure compatibility between them as well as continuity of care

Drag and Drop Rostering

A clear and easy to use roster screen with a drag and drop interface for quick roster changes and updates


The safeguarding of both our clients and our carers sits at the very heart of CareLineLive

Travel Time Estimates

Improve productivity and roster more accurately with estimates of travel times between consecutive carer visits

Unplanned Visits

We know you need flexibility, so our system allows carers to record visits that haven’t been booked by the office