The benefits of a truly all-in-one homecare management system

Streamline your operations, save money and reduce inefficiencies with a truly all-in-one homecare software solution. Learn about the benefits today!
Marie Page
7th December 2023

One System. One Price. All of the Benefits.

There are a number of homecare management systems on the market that excel in one area (eg care planning) but require integration with an additional system (eg rostering) to deliver the complete package required by care providers.

Whilst in theory that sounds acceptable, there are considerable drawbacks to consider when running two systems:

  • Time drain – duplicating data entry wastes time and invites errors
  • Cost – two systems often cost more and inevitably there are complicated pricing structures with added fees to access additional or new features
  • Contract conundrum – dealing with different end dates and terms complicates future termination options potentially restricting your freedom to switch
  • Integration hassles – systems from different companies rarely mesh seamlessly resulting in cumbersome processes that waste both time and money
  • Learning and onboarding – implementing and learning two systems is taxing and prolongs the onboarding process, causing undue stress
  • Support struggles – when you’ve got a query who do you call? With two systems you may get passed from one software provider to the other, with increased response times and resolution delay (and we know that most other software companies support response times are no comparison with those of CareLineLive)

What you get with a truly all-in-one system (like CareLineLive)

  • Simple, transparent pricing with reasonable contract lengths – you stay with us because you want to not because you have to. Our customer partnerships are based on choice, not obligation
  • Streamlined processes – everything is in one place and truly interoperable with unified reports and consistent terminology for seamless operations
  • Efficient and accurate reporting – all your data is accessible and organised for efficient and accurate reporting
  • Comprehensive training and onboarding process – with outstanding ongoing support all in one place (check out our Trustpilot reviews to see what actual customers have to say about CareLineLive’s customer support)
  • A system that is on the NHSx DSCR assured suppliers list – this means that the system, and company, has been thoroughly vetted to meet an ever evolving set of standards and functionality

What should you be looking for in home care software?

We’ve put together a list of 12 things to consider when you invest in home care software. Give it a read before you sign with any system that requires integration for basic home care operational functionality. It might just save you time, money and frustration.

And if you’d like a demo of CareLineLive, please get in touch.

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