Enhancing efficiencies in the delivery of care

The more efficient a system is, the better equipped your staff are to deliver upon their person-centred care and support requirements.
Public Sector Software Features

Dynamic rota scheduling

Our cloud-hosted applications lead to greater efficiency and flexibility, including optimisation of travel time and staff resources whilst providing the huge benefit of real-time synchronisation of rotas between the office and the field

Supporting remote staff in the delivery of reablement and care in the community

Our mobile apps support remote working for care staff working in the community and workflow management with real time updates

Real time data

Information on service delivery is provided in real time with alerts for delayed visits and medication, providing safeguarding benefits for service users and staff

Digital care plans and electronic call monitoring

Digital care plans (including eMAR) are created in the scheduling system and delivered securely to care workers via their mobile app. Carers record visit notes in real time which are then accessible to the wider care circle

Efficient handling of referrals to the care service

The eBrokerage stand alone software supports smoother and more efficient fulfilment of care packages to approved 3rd party care providers

Support for regulatory compliance

The data and reporting functionality provides evidence that enables providers to meet regulatory compliance with ease.

Evolving regulatory standards

Continual monitoring of standards as required in the the new CQC single assessment framework will be easier to evidence as digital systems enable information to be continually collected and available instantly when required

Customisable terminology and dashboards

Different commissioners and providers require tailored dashboards and may use bespoke terminology. This can all be accommodated by the software

Information sharing with the Care Circle

Our software supports the ICS initiative of sharing information with family members and other care circle participants via portals

Finance reports by digital exports

An array of reporting is possible including gross pay, expenses and billing

Integration with third party software

Streamlined integrations with packages such as Sage, Xero, CM2000 and ContrOCC as well as generic CSV file exchange options

UK-based secure hosting

As well as compliance with NHS DSPT, Cyber Essentials Plus, ISO 9001 and 27001, our data is all stored in UK-based AWS secure servers
Deep Functionality

CareFor has deep functionality in:

  • Automated rota optimisation – our CAREBooster technology optimises resources to maximise visit capacity when assigning carers to clients each day. This can be geared towards maintaining continuity, minimising travel time or minimising the time to complete a set of bookings
  • Azure Active directory integration enabling SSO (Single Sign On)
  • Customisable eForms created within the CareFor Desktop scheduling system and accessed for completion by care workers using the integrated mobile apps
  • 2-way messaging between office staff and care workers and between office staff (e.g. visit notes and feedback)

Options that could be crucial to public sector requirements:

  • NHSx Assured Supplier of Digital Social Care Records (DSCR) systems
  • GP Connect integration is in the development pipeline together with an API that will help inter-operability with other 3rd party systems
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) available with CareLineLive for an additional layer of login security
  • Client health observations such as blood pressure and pulse can be recorded by care workers via the Carer Companion mobile app
  • Client assessments and customisable client forms created and updated within CareLineLive and published for care workers to view via the Carer Companion mobile app
Public Sector Options