Rostering & Care Management

Rostering & Care Management

Quick and effective rostering, up to date client and carer information accessible to all and improved safeguarding with visit verification


Rostering made easy

Carer travel time estimates, drag and drop rostering functions and call monitoring improves the speed and efficiency of rostering and makes each carers’ day more productive.


Full and up-to-date
client information

Record a client’s details, requirements and assessments. Client and visit information are instantly updated and available to view for carers, office staff and family. Alerts are created if medication or visits are late or missed. Meaning a high quality of care and greater peace of mind.

Time and money saved

Time is saved with rostering, care information updates and annual leave planning is more efficient, and days are more productive. Mistakes are minimised and money is saved, while safeguarding and care quality is improved.


and Preferences

Record detailed information about each client within their profile, from food and drink preferences to mental health assessments, allowing people’s preferences and dislikes to be accessed easily.

More from Rostering & Care Management:

Call Monitoring

Instant and accurate recording of carer visits with GPS and QR code scanning that records location and times

Care Notes

Carers can create comprehensive visit notes for future carers and families by using the Carer Companion App

Carer Leave and Availability

Improved planning of carer availability, leave and holiday entitlements. Holiday pay calculation.

Contact Information

All the essential information that you need, kept up to date and available for you, your carers, your clients and their families

Continuity and Compatibility

Match carers to clients to ensure compatibility between them as well as continuity of care

Drag and Drop Rostering

A clear and easy to use roster screen with a drag and drop interface for quick roster changes and updates


The safeguarding of both our clients and our carers sits at the very heart of CareLineLive

Travel Time Estimates

Improve productivity and roster more accurately with estimates of travel times between consecutive carer visits

Unplanned Visits

We know you need flexibility, so our system allows carers to record visits that haven’t been booked by the office