Fully Managed Handsets

We’ve partnered with Nokia to provide enterprise-grade 4G enabled Android smartphones. Nokia’s HMD Enable Pro mobile device management software is installed to allow security and control of the phones. The CareLineLive Carer Companion app is also pre-installed. Benefit from remote wipe and locking functionality, and the ability to control which apps are used.

fully managed handsets
Voice Packages

Easy-to-use with a full voice, SMS and data network package

With unlimited national calls, texts and data (subject to a fair usage policy), the handsets are intuitive which reduces the need for training. Supplied fully functioning and ready-to-go without any additional set-up, your carers are fully equipped from the start.

Robust security in place

You need to know that even if a handset gets lost, stolen or damaged, the data within the CareLineLive Carer Companion app is backed up and secure.

CareLineLive’s backup and remote data wipe guarantees complete security with the ability to instantly wipe information in the event of loss of the handset.

Each handset has device encryption enabled by default. A passcode is required to turn on and unlock the phone. In the event that it falls into the wrong hands, you can be confident that your data is hidden from prying eyes. Any photos taken as evidence within the Carer Companion app.

Mobile app do not save to the personal camera roll but are stored in your CareLineLive environment and this helps with GDPR compliance.

Mobile device management

What sets our phones apart from those you buy in a store is mobile device management (MDM). This software controls which apps and content can be used on the phone as well as enhanced data security. MDM gives you more control and peace of mind about how your carer’s phones are used as well as an additional layer of security in the event that a handset is lost, stolen or damaged.

mobile device management
Responsive Support

Temporary access for the emergency services

Allow temporary instant access to blue-light emergency services, to view up-to-date records about a client’s care, observations and medication, enabling appropriate treatment to be administered. Identity and contact details are recorded before access is given and Care Circle members are notified when access is given to allow such access to be revoked if necessary.