Payroll and Invoicing

Quick and easy invoice and gross payroll generation. Export with a few clicks to accounting software such as Xero, Sage, CM2000 and ContrOCC.

Configure invoice layouts to suit your requirements and pay carers for either shifts, individual visits or both, to suit your needs and those of your clients.

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Client Carer Contract

Advanced client and carer contract configuration

Create your invoices and payroll by configuring your client and carer contracts precisely using options such as hourly, pro-rata, non pro-rata, unsocial and fixed rates. Decide if you want to pay mileage to carers or charge mileage to service users.

Option to set multiple buyers for each contract. Split billing for part private and part local authority funding option is available. Create multiple contracts for clients and carers to accommodate different visit types or funding models.

Automated time sheet management: save time and improve cash flow

No more manual and time-consuming reconciliation of time sheets. Save time and increase capacity in your administration team. Send out invoices promptly to improve cash flow.

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Invoicing options

Versatile invoicing options, automated mileage, holiday pay and travel time calculations

Reduce work and paper consumption with easy and flexible invoicing functions. Generate invoices with a few clicks and email them immediately. Individual invoices, bulk invoices or invoices from multiple branches all centralised.

Automatic calculation of holiday accruals, mileage and travel time.

Estimate and calculate different journey times and types, as well as mileage, and automatically include details in your pay notifications and invoices.