All Seasons Goes Paperless and Streamlines Processes with CareLineLive

All Seasons Goes Paperless with CareLineLive
Marie Page
8th July 2021

All Seasons, a health and social care provider based in Kent, has digitised processes and eliminated the need for timely paperwork after selecting our homecare management software.

Prior to using CareLineLive’s technology, All Seasons used rota software with limited capabilities – it was not as quick as they needed it to be and it did not deliver the information that the agency and carers needed. After researching new technology offerings—and being surprised recent developments—All Seasons selected CareLineLive to reduce its manual processes and empower their carers.

Specifically, the All Seasons team required a user-friendly, web-based platform that could automate their processes and streamline rostering and planning. Luke Ixer, Finance Manager at All Seasons, commented: “Before CareLineLive, the team had to manually schedule each client visit and write up notes in multiple record books, which took up a considerable amount of time. With CareLineLive’s platform, we’ve been able to go fully digital which makes reporting and audits much easier.”

CareLineLive’s map feature on its Carer Companion app was also noted as extremely helpful for All Seasons’ carers, especially when it comes to plotting routes and client visits. The app is worlds away from the previous server-based rostering system that was difficult to access remotely.

Ixer continued: “CareLineLive has really helped us to future-proof our operations and helps our agency staff and carers to save a considerable amount of time. Carers are now able to access all notes and information via the app, rather than having to call the office or read through the visit books. They have also been able to keep families up to date about their loved one’s care via the app throughout the pandemic.”

The phone traffic at All Seasons has also reduced significantly, as carers and family members can access information about rotas and completed visits remotely. This reduces the amount of time agency staff need to spend on the phone, and ensures that carers and client families have immediate, real-time information about visits.

Josh Hough, founder and MD at CareLineLive, commented: “All Seasons has revolutionised its processes by adopting technology, which gives carers more time to do what they do best: care. By reducing the number of calls and empowering carers to access information remotely, the team has all information in real-time and can simplify reporting and audits.”

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