Announcing our new (free) eBook on running a home care business

Unlock the potential of your home care business with Homecare Business 101: Setting Up For Success. Improve your marketing, recruitment, retention & compliance.
Marie Page
3rd August 2023
Our new eBook on how to start and/or improve a home care business is published and is available now for you to download.

Called Home Care Business 101: Setting Up For Success, and written by our Homecare Champion, Merina Martin, the eBook will help you with:

  • Understanding the options for setting up a home care business
  • Selecting the right technology
  • Compliance, regulation and legislation
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Marketing your home care business

This free, beautifully designed eBook will improve your knowledge on how to run a domiciliary care business efficiently, effectively and profitably.

The ultimate guide to setting up and running a successful home care business.

Click this link for more information and to download your (free) eBook.

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