Best Carer Companion app award for CareLineLive

CareLineLive awarded the Best Carer Companion App selected from some of the most innovative private healthcare companies in the world.
Marie Page
20th April 2023

CareLineLive has been awarded the Best Carer Companion App in the Global Health and Pharma 2023 Private Healthcare Awards. These global awards recognise some of the most innovative private healthcare companies which provide assistance and assurance for our peace of mind. They “breathe life into the medical landscape and aid those in need, to further advance the scientific field so that generations upon generations can thrive”.

Awards Co-ordinator, Jessie Wilson, commented on the winners recognised in this year’s programme. “Private healthcare is integral to the development and structure of the medical industry. It supports a plethora of organisations and experts in their endeavours, strengthens bonds between science and citizen, and, of course, results in the skilled care of people all around the world. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to highlight our winner’s dedicated practices, and I wish them all the best for the future to come.”

Founder and Managing Director, Josh Hough commented “The CareLineLive team is proud to receive this recognition for our technology and is pleased to be supporting carers to provide the best possible care for clients.”

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