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With news this week of yet another home care software provider experiencing a security attack here's how CareLineLive mitigates such risks.
Dec Norton
9th March 2023

With news this week of yet another home care software provider experiencing a security attack and thereby affecting the availability of the software, we wanted to reach out and let you know how CareLineLive mitigates such risks.

Security breaches can result in a possible leak of confidential personal information but can also mean losing access to client data and care records. Both these eventualities can have significant impact on a home care business. Some of those that have suffered from recent attacks have had to go back to paper-based processes for several months with minimal access to their pre-attack data.

How CareLineLive protects itself against such attacks

We have numerous layers of protection enabled to protect our customer’s data against malicious activity. As a company we are ISO 27001 certified and are NHS Data Security Protection Toolkit and Cyber Essentials compliant. We are also regularly audited to ensure we are adherent to those standards.

Our security protections include:

  • Web-browser based access such as ours is significantly safer than remote desktop environments which are notoriously insecure as they allow users access to the server’s operating system
  • Strict network and application firewall policies with AI-assisted anomaly detection, to stop and identify any malicious activity
  • Isolated network infrastructure, restricting the ability for worms to propagate
  • Strong encryption used whenever data is transferred (in-transit) or stored (at rest)

Of course, it’s not right to assume that the worst-case scenario is not a possibility. In the event of a disaster event, we have the following mitigations in place to help us quickly recover:

  • Point-in-time-recovery backups enabled, allowing us to restore data back to a specific point in time; as well as regular full backups which are stored in a separate location
  • Data is replicated to a standby server as soon as it is written, allowing us to failover to the standby server in seconds
  • ‘Immutable’ infrastructure, allowing any service to be replaced in a matter of minutes
  • Continuous vulnerability scanning to detect and rectify any potential issues before an attacker does
  • A comprehensive and regularly tested Disaster Recovery Plan, accessible to all staff

If you share our view that online security is of the utmost importance, and you’d like to better understand how CareLineLive can help take that headache away from you, contact us to arrange a demonstration with one of our super smart and friendly sales team.

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