Carer & Client Reviews

Carer & Client Reviews

Schedule carer & client reviews and spot checks to improve compliance and standards


Create reports and alerts to keep up to date

Schedule carer & client reviews & spot checks so that you
eliminate any problems before they arise and drive up standards.

Keeping families and agencies well informed

CareLineLive’s reporting and alert system means reviews are held regularly and never missed, and agencies and families always have instant access to valuable feedback

Regulatory compliance and valuable data

The insights provided by regular feedback and surveys not only mean higher standards of compliance but also provide valuable data which can be used to further improve standards and ratings with regulatory bodies such as CQC, Care Inspectorate, Care Inspectorate of Wales and RQIA

More from Compliance:


Access your data easily and know changes have been properly recorded to improve compliance

Carer & client reviews

Schedule carer & client reviews and spot checks to improve compliance and standards

Carer training & requirements

Ensure all carer training and qualifications are relevant and up to date with the CareLineLive reporting and alert functions

Contingency Planning

Be in a position to react faster when something unexpected happens, improve risk management and plan more effectively


Store documents against carers and clients with an option to make documents viewable by carers right in the Carer Companion App


Minimise paper records by customising your own digital forms. Streamline and improve data capture. Secure more strongly your data storage.


Gather valuable insights and data with reports in multiple areas to improve your processes and compliance

Security & Privacy

We take care of keeping your data safe in the cloud. Always available to authorised users and no need for local back-ups

Visit Verification

Complete visibility of client visits including carer check-in and check-out times, completion of tasks, care provisioning notes & alerts