Our survey of over 500 home care workers has found that over half of carers in home care have considered leaving the sector in the past 12 months. Stress and an inability to care for clients were identified as key reasons (40%). 

The survey revealed that the majority (83%) of carers in home care feel more pressure since the pandemic, with 47% stating that they felt a greater emotional responsibility to their clients. With carer job satisfaction decreasing over the past 12 months, more than half (52%) also revealed that they’ve considered moving to a different employer because they don’t feel supported.

However the research also showed that technology has been a huge help for carers and within home care, with 75% of carers using it to deliver better care to clients. Additionally, technology also helps agencies, with 62% of carers saying they felt that technology can help to increase their company’s CQC rating.

CareLineLive’s MD, Josh Hough, commented on the survey results: “On top of existing pressures that healthcare professionals have dealt with over the past couple of years, carers have had to take on greater emotional responsibility too, particularly during the pandemic. But the importance of tech in enabling carers to deliver better client care while at the same time helping them to manage their work with less stress is crucial.”

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