Congratulations to our April Star Carer, Debbie Parmenter from D.Osteen Homecare Support

Debbie from D.Osteen Homecare Support won our Star Carer award for her hard work and tenacity to work with her client's key stakeholders
Marie Page
25th May 2022

Debbie from D.Osteen Homecare Support won our Star Carer award for her continued hard work and tenacity to work with and communicate to her client’s healthcare professionals and relatives to ensure her client’s receive the care that they need. Debbie is a huge asset to her company – thank you for all your hard work Debbie and congratulations on being our April Star Carer!

What was your reaction to winning CareLineLive’s March Star Carer Award?

I was really pleased, it was quite exciting.

What aspects of being a carer do you enjoy?

I love helping people and really just being able to do things for people that they can no longer do for themselves.

How does CareLineLive’s Carer Companion App help you in your job?

I think it helps you to have professional boundaries, because what you do for a client can be very personal so it gives you the professional mindset when caring for a client.

I find all the features really useful on the app – the rotas and the carer tasks.  I always use the carer tasks and check against them, it helps you to know you have done everything for the client that you have to do.

What are the challenges in your role?

Getting the relationships right with the client and their family members – it can be a balancing act, as they are very emotionally attached to that person and you are looking after them

How do you switch off after a hard day at work?

It varies and depends on what time I finish my shift.

I have a cup of camomile tea if I finish on a late shift, if it’s earlier in the day I take some time out for myself – I do a face mask and listen to some relaxing music. You have to shut down, the late evening appointments are the hardest to switch off from as you need time to calm down.

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