Care planning app: CareLineLive’s new assessment tools

Using care planning apps and going digital is not about replacing carers but about automating processes. This gives more time to deliver care.
Marie Page
25th July 2022

For a home care agency, going digital is about automating processes so that both admin staff and carers have more time to focus on delivering high quality, person-centred care.

How care planning apps can make life easier for home care agencies

CareLineLive’s cloud-based all-in-one homecare management software improves efficiency, capacity and compliance for home care agencies by digitising workflows and automating processes such as rostering and payroll. Home care agencies can save time and money, and carers spend less time on paperwork. This frees them to spend more time delivering better care with easy-to-input app-based record keeping and management.

We are continually innovating and have just recently increased the number of our care planning assessments from two to five, with a road map to roll out many more.

Chief Technical Officer Declan Norton says ‘By actively listening to customers and their clients our development pathway is driven by their needs. Our most recent features include a comprehensive suite of assessments designed to fully support person centred care planning.”

The tools are designed to provide clients, other health professionals, and the wider care circle, all the information they need to have a holistic, person centred view of the client.

CareLineLive’s new assessment tools

In addition to existing assessment tools (on nutrition & hydration, and mental health) CareLineLive’s recently released incident reporting feature allows carers to report concern and incident details through the carer app. This describes the severity of the concern or incident using the RAG (Red, Amber, Green) system which in turn feeds into the management portal and alerts a manager to concerns and incidents in real time.

You can track the incident process from reporting through to outcome. One element encourages managers to consider best practice and lessons learnt through reflective practice, with a focus on the CQC Key Lines of Enquiry. This excellent functionality also gives the option to upload supporting evidence. All useful compliance features.

Other assessment tools being rolled out include a skin integrity assessment, mobility, moving and handling assessment as well as personal care. Expect to see many more available in the coming months.
Product Researcher Marina Martin said ‘We surveyed our customers and were surprised at the assessments requested. Whilst some, such as the Skin Integrity Assessment, are not commonly used, they can be relatively complex and are typically used in referrals to other health professionals. The app means that the care provider can collect all the information in one place and then share the full picture via our Care Circle Portal’.

A further phase of assessment tools will include environmental health and safety, medication management, conditions & needs, communication, continence management and About Me which provides detailed information about a client and their preferences.

These are just some of the ways that CareLineLive, could help benefit your home care business. If you’d like to find out more or would like a demo, please contact us.

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