Care Circle Portal

 Keep family, friends, community health workers, emergency services and the whole circle of care in the loop by providing them access to up to date details of a service user.

Care Circle Portal
Peace of Mind

Peace of mind about loved ones’ care

Family and health professionals can be given visibility on medication administered, tasks completed, observations recorded and care notes detailing visits to service users – improving transparency and trust between you, your clients and their families.

Keeping the circle of care informed

Key stakeholders such as GPs and social care workers can be given access to comprehensive information about service users including contact information, next of kin details, medical history, visit details, prescribed medication, observations and more. Control who sees what information by assigning roles to different users within the Care Circle Portal.

The Care Circle Portal reduces calls to the office by family and provides them with 24/7 real time visit data.

Keeping Informed
Emergency Access

Temporary access for the emergency services

Allow temporary instant access to blue-light emergency services, to view up-to-date records about a client’s care, observations and medication, enabling appropriate treatment to be administered. Identity and contact details are recorded before access is given and Care Circle members are notified when access is given to allow such access to be revoked if necessary.