Exploring the Carer Companion mobile app

Features include real-time updates, eMAR, notes and observations along with GPS tracking, check-in/out via GPS and alerts for missed visits or discrepancies
Merina Martin
4th June 2024

CareLineLive’s all-in-one home care management software’s features and functionality is provided through three interconnected platforms:

  • The Carer Companion mobile app is used by carers and provides them the tools and real time information they need to work efficiently and provide truly person centred care.
  • The Management Platform is used by office-based staff and provides functionality for rostering, client and carer management, capacity planning, invoicing, payroll and real time call monitoring. The data recorded can be interrogated to produce an array of informative reports as well as evidence for regulatory bodies.
  • The Care Circle Portal is used by service users’ family, friends and other 3rd party stakeholders to access visit schedules, carer notes, observations, administered medication and other visit information.

The Carer Companion mobile app

We are constantly enhancing features for both Android and iOS phones, aiming to offer a wide range of capabilities to all users. We have a large number of improvements currently underway to the carer’s app but this article explores what is available right now.

Carers have seen first hand the numerous benefits that technology brings to their work, greatly improving outcomes for those they care for. Safety of staff is of utmost importance to all care providers, and the Carer Companion mobile app logs carer attendance by recording check-in and check-out times as well as location through GPS. It promptly sends alerts for missed and late visits, along with notifications when the location differs from the service user’s address or visit durations.

Real-time updates of information such as visit attendance times, medication administration times and health observations guarantee that all stakeholders are consistently informed. Field staff have the capability to report concerns and incidents directly within the application. This functionality promptly notifies managers of any issues, enabling them to take immediate action based on real-time information. By leveraging this feature, significant improvements in outcomes for service users can be achieved, thanks to the swift resolution of areas of concern. Electronic care planning and monitoring provides managers with a wealth of information to supplement task management, which the carers access through the app. This equips carers with comprehensive instructions to deliver the best possible care.

The two-way flow of information between carers and the office staff enables carers to share and report person-centred information in real time. Our eMAR (electronic medication records) are designed to contain comprehensive information, allowing carers to log the outcome of each medication task with customisable completion statuses, record dosage administered, provide comments, and attach photos for record-keeping.

Furthermore, carers can record specific observations including blood glucose and pressure, meal and fluid intake, heart rate, weight, catheter output, bowel movements, and injuries via the Carer Companion app. Visual representations of many of these observations facilitate rapid trend analysis. Completion statuses are logged to trigger alerts when needed.

Managers and assigned stakeholders including friends and family can instantly access updates through the Care Circle portal for prompt intervention if necessary. In the near future, body map records will enable some data to be visually recorded on the carer app in various formats. This is already available in the management portal.

These features facilitate proactive ways of working which promote better health and well-being outcomes for people using services. The Carer Companion App is a powerful tool that empowers home care providers to show that they are being safe, effective, responsive, caring and well-led.

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