Congratulations to our February Star Carer, Deni Rogerson from D. Osteen Homecare Support

Deni was awarded the accolade of February Star carer as she is always putting her social care training to good use with her caring and motivating attitude.
Marie Page
24th March 2021

Deni was awarded the accolade of February Star carer as she is always putting her social care training to good use with her caring and motivating attitude. 

In her role, Deni recognises how important it is to understand individual client needs and develop activities to support their physical and mental health. When the weather has permitted, Deni has taken out her clients for a walk. She has also played puzzles and crosswords with her clients who have Dementia to improve their mental health, sometimes in her spare time.

Deni makes a difference in her clients’ lives. She has received positive feedback with one client saying “She is not just a carer, but much much more than that.”

Thanks for all your hard work and dedication Deni, and congratulations on being CareLineLive’ s February Star Carer!

What was your reaction to winning CareLineLive’s February Star Carer Award?

I was really surprised; I did not expect it all as I just do my day-to-day job. It was a complete surprise, but a very good surprise.

What aspects of being a Carer do you enjoy?

I’ve done many different jobs. Before becoming a carer I considered about my former job – what do I get out of it and what do I give back? With many of my previous jobs I did not feel I was giving back. At the start of Covid-19, I heard about many people struggling and that was when I approached D. Osteen Homecare Support about becoming carer.

I love talking to people, being with people, helping them out and seeing them smile so it is a good role for me.

How does CareLineLive’s Carer Companion App help you in your job?

It helps me. Initially it took me some time to understand, it not because it’s not simple it’s just that I am not au fait with technology.

It’s really really good, I like being able to read what’s going on before I start my shift to see if there are any updates or changes in medication. It helps me feel that I am ready for when I turn up to work as I can prepare before I go to work.  Paper based systems do not provide that opportunity. The CareLineLive app also provides clarity and information about a client’s needs in real-time. This is important if something changes, e.g., the carer, as continuity of care can be given.

What’s your experience of being a Carer during Covid-19?

It’s been challenging providing the mental health support to our clients that are shielding. But I have found it humbling and all our clients are lovely. We have not lost anybody to Covid which has been good.

It’s been great to support the people who are close to our clients, like their families. Plus, it’s been a great learning experience working closely with the external stakeholders like the GPs. We have used the information on the CareLineLive app to inform external stakeholders of a client’s care needs and care given e.g., their allergies, previous medications.

How do you switch off after a hard day at work?

I love listening to audio books. I also do meditation and I write a diary to note my reflections and thoughts.

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