Congratulations to our July Star Carer, Joy Rawdings from Compassionate Care Group

Joy Rawdings from Compassionate Care Group won our July Star Carer award for being a fantastic carer.
Marie Page
6th September 2021

Joy from Compassionate Care Group won our Star Carer award for her loyalty to her clients and always going out of her way to ensure that they receive the best care.

During the pandemic, Joy worked for 2 weeks straight when one of her client’s family all contracted Covid and she came in on her days off to ensure her client was taken care of. At the fantastic age of 67 she has also embraced and persevered with the training and getting up to speed with using the CareLineLive Carer Companion app.

Thanks for all your hard work and dedication Joy, and congratulations on being CareLineLive’s July Star Carer!

What was your reaction to winning CareLineLive’s July Star Carer Award?

I was surprised, delighted, and very happy.

What aspects of being a carer do you enjoy?

The clients: developing a relationship with them, getting to know them, caring for them, and understanding what they want and need. It’s very rewarding. I am fortunate as I have the same clients most of the time, so I build up some strong relationships – I have had some of my ladies for 5 years! I go to work happy.

How does CareLineLive’s Carer Companion App help you in your job?

I was dreading it at first as I am not inclined to use technology, but now I know how to use it I find it very good as I have all the right information for the right clients. It’s also very useful as we can let our clients know which carer is coming next to put their mind at rest.

What’s your experience of being a carer during Covid-19?

When it first started, we had all the PPE needed – the priority was to make sure our clients were safe and well looked after and we did as best as we could. It went well and then one of our clients who was double vaccinated got Covid which was a bit of a shock, thankfully she was ok and did not suffer too badly. However, it bought it home as someone close to our company had it.

How do you switch off after a hard day at work?

I do the evening shifts, so when I get in I usually sit on the sofa with a cool drink and have my evening meal, watch a favourite TV programme, and have a chat to my sister about how my day has been.

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