Ellen won our Star Carer award as she has shown great growth after joining Simply Joy Care Services with no experience. She has a natural flair for dementia care, enabling their service users to enjoy their hobbies where previous agencies had prevented this.

Congratulations Ellen and thanks for all your hard work and for being CareLineLive’s March Star Carer!

What was your reaction to winning CareLineLive’s March Star Carer Award?

I was so excited and thought I can’t wait to tell my mum!

What aspects of being a carer do you enjoy?

I like all the clients, I think it’s really nice to be able to speak to them and make life easier for them. I like being able to help them be able to do things that they would not normally be able to do.

How does CareLineLive’s Carer Companion App help you in your job?

I like using the task list – it’s also great if I am with a new client that I have not seen before as it gives me all the information I need – I don’t know what I would do without it.

Before I leave a client I always check what tasks that need to have been done to make sure I have completed everything. It makes life a lot easier, I cannot imagine coming into the job and having to remember what you needed to do. Also, with medication I can tick it off on the app once it’s administered, so it avoids any confusion.

What’s are the challenges in your role?

It’s sometimes sad seeing what patients go through, for example the physical challenges that some dementia patients face, like struggling to eat or get out of bed. Some patients need more care than they are able to get.

How do you switch off after a hard day at work?

In all honesty, I get into bed and watch Netflix. I’m asleep early!

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