Crisis at Care Quality Commission: CareLineLive supporting providers

CQC has admitted that it is failing to keep patients safe and is losing the confidence of ministers and the NHS. Amidst this how is CareLineLive supporting providers?
Merina Martin
4th July 2024

I am acutely aware of the current challenges faced by the Care Quality Commission. The recent resignation of Ian Trenholm from his position as CQC’s Chief Executive, and the subsequent appointment of Kate Terroni as Interim Chief Executive, highlight internal issues within the organisation. It is increasingly evident that the organisation is facing a crisis and is finding it difficult to maintain stability.

In the past weeks CQC has admitted that it is failing to keep patients “safe” and is losing the confidence of ministers and the NHS.

Notwithstanding this, it is reported by Patient Safety Learning that and internal ‘problem statement’ produced by Kerri Terroni says that:

“Stakeholders and the Department of Health and Social Care are losing confidence in our ability to deliver our purpose”

“The way we work is not working and we are not consistently keeping people who use services safe”

“Our people are not able to effectively identify and manage risk and encourage improvement and innovation”

“Our organisational structure, flow of decision making, roles, internal and external relationships do not promote a productive and credible way of working”

We must acknowledge the dedication of CQC employees who tirelessly support the organisation’s mission. However, working in a negative environment is undoubtedly impacting morale and influencing the organisational culture.

How is CareLineLive supporting providers?

At CareLineLive, we understand that health and social care providers are currently facing uncertain times. Our primary goal is to assist our customers and the broader audience in staying informed about the latest developments in the sector, including those from CQC. As well as keeping our software updated to support your compliance efforts we offer a wide range of resources to aid providers in navigating the CQC’s new Single Assessment Framework and other regulatory guidelines applicable to providers in the UK and beyond.

The resources include Key Question specific posts which advise on the Quality Statements, Evidence Categories and types of evidence collection. You can access the recording of our CQC Single Assessment Framework webinar. You can also access our blogs and resources on compliance.

Look out for our upcoming webinars on the Single Assessment Framework. These sessions will guide you through each key question and quality statement, showcasing how the CareLineLive platform can assist in demonstrating compliance.

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