Falls Awareness Week: how CareLineLive can help

Falls Awareness Week, a time to recognise the issues surrounding elderly patient deconditioning and wellbeing. How can home care help?
Marie Page
20th September 2022

The 19th-25th of September marks this year’s Falls Awareness Week, a time to recognise the issues surrounding elderly patient deconditioning (which causes people to lose fitness or muscle tone) and wellbeing. This September, CareLineLive is raising awareness for Falls Awareness Week as a chance to support the elderly and vulnerable at risk of serious falls in our community.

As we approach Falls Awareness Week, it is important to consider the impact an injury of an elderly individual can have on the wider community. With our ‘Circle of Care’ we aim to support all of those involved within the care industry. We make sure carers, agencies, those receiving care, and their loved ones are all connected to ensure everyone is supported and well informed. Within this circle, by using our Care Circle portal, we can improve communication and prevent issues before they arise.

Carers – when using our mobile app – making appropriate notes or using our ‘report a concern’ feature ensure that home care managers are alerted to problems before they become serious. By recording physical and mental welfare observations accurately and in detail, trends may be observed that could lead to preventative care. In addition, with our care planning and provision services, carers are well informed to provide appropriate person-centred care in every visit.

Not only have we incorporated the importance of sharing knowledge with loved ones, CareLineLive has an emergency services feature, allowing staff from blue light services to gain access to vital information in times of urgency. This allows them to respond as quickly and effectively as possible to enable treatment when needed. Our cloud based system supports families and emergency services with the knowledge they need to prevent illness or injury.

We hope that by promoting Falls Awareness Week, the vulnerable and elderly members of the care system will receive additional support. With digital solutions like CareLineLive, carers will ultimately have more time to care. And a greater quality of care means that more falls can be prevented.

If you’d like to hear more about how CareLineLive can help your home care agency please give us a call to arrange a demo.

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