Adopting homecare management software to support your home care business

Guest blog by Merina Martin, Product Manager at CareLineLive. Here are her views on adopting homecare management software to support your homecare business
Marie Page
26th April 2022

This is a guest blog by Merina Martin, Product Manager at CareLineLive. Merina works closely with the design and development teams to create a user-friendly platform for home care businesses. Merina’s specialism is business development within the domiciliary care start-up environments. Throughout her career, Merina has worked in a variety of roles including senior management, nominated individual and registered manager plus she has supported and mentored registered managers and managers new to their roles.

Rising to the homecare management software challenge

Most people use technology on a daily basis. It has empowered us, both at home and in the workplace, no more so than in the past two years during the Covid 19 pandemic. We have seen vulnerable people in our communities rise to the challenge of using an array of platforms and apps to stay in close contact with family, friends and health and social care professionals.

Certainly, the continual development of the CareLineLive platform has seen our customers being able respond effectively to the constantly changing parameters throughout the pandemic. For the safety and continuity of care of clients, we have prioritised the development of particular features. These include capacity planning, additions to the Care Circle which allows authorised stakeholders to access vital client information, a suite of care planning features and recording of welfare observations on our Carer Companion app.

Technology in social care – is it lagging behind?

However, there are growing concerns that some social care providers are lagging behind, dare I say, reluctant, to embrace the wonders and efficiencies of technology.

In February 2022, in his speech to the Health Service Journal’s Digital Transformation Summit, Health Secretary Sajid Javid stated;

‘I want to see a particular focus on social care – where around 40% of providers are still grappling entirely with paper-based records. I want all social care providers to adopt a digital record for social care.’

Experience suggests that one of the greatest stumbling blocks for the introduction of technology or changing of technology in the workplace is user reticence.

Undeniably, there can be an unwillingness, even trepidation, for users when being introduced to new technology.  This can be challenging, yet if we understand our audience and their needs then we are able to support each person to reach the end goal of onboarding technology to benefit all stakeholders within home care.

The Innovation Adoption Curve – Understanding your audience

The Innovation Adoption Curve classifies users into five categories, this is determined on their willingness to accept new technology or ideas.

The Innovators – 2.5% of people – These are the risk takers, the adventurous amongst us who like to be on the cutting edge of technology. They like to share their experiences with their colleagues, friends and communities.

The Early Adopters – 13.5% of people – This group are forward thinking and thought of as leaders. They bridge the gap between the trend setters and the majority.

The Early Majority – 34% of people – Take time to make decisions and will observe and assess others experiences and will adopt a product once they are convinced that the product has real benefits. In fact, the new status quo.

The Late Majority – 34% of people – Are typically more resistant to change and risk averse, however, they are generally responsive to peer pressure and will want to see that the product is tested and widely used before they try it.

The Laggards – 16% of people – This group are highly resistant to change and hard to reach, often due to the fact that they have little exposure to marketing campaigns. They are only receptive to a product when it is mainstream, unfortunately some people never accept change.

CareLineLive – Supporting you to support your teams

Whether you are an Innovator or an Early Adopter, putting people at the heart of any business change is critical to its success. We feel the same about our business, and this is why we have a highly experienced support team at hand; real people to engage with, who not only support the onboarding process, but provide continuous support whenever you need it.

Our team can guide you to overcome apprehension around adopting new technology, will work with you to understand your challenges and will walk you through the transition to using our award winning home care management software. Our Management Platform is easy to use and intuitive, as is our Carer Companion app, designed specifically for your carers; if they can use social media they can use CareLineLive!

Why not read about some of the benefits our customers have enjoyed since onboarding CareLineLive. 

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