CareLineLive works seamlessly across three integrated platforms

A cloud based system that delivers functionality built for your business

Includes all software, carer handsets, hosting & back-up
Easy-to-use system that works across all devices and grows with your business
O2/Vodafone 4G handsets ensuring the fastest connection/best coverage
Automatic timesheets, payroll & invoicing
Instant rota/client record access & secure visit check-in/out
Improved staff safety & management with logged visit details & GPS tracking
Carers can provide client updates instantly for you to manage day-to-day challenges
Instant access to visit status & details for client’s family & friends
Easy reporting functionality for CQC & business growth
Travel time estimates makes sure carers’ rotas allow sufficient time between visits
Helpful, friendly telephone & online support
100% secure, automatically backing up data

CareLineLive Management Platform

Easy to use, highly efficient improving productivity, capacity and cash flow

  • Automatic rota scheduling that add visits to clients as closely as possible to their specified time, or visits can be scheduled on an ad-hoc basis
  • Rota updates reflected in real time on carer’s App via their mobile handsets
  • Using the Google Maps platform, our travel time estimates gives you an indication of the time needed to travel between carers’ visits, whatever mode of transport is used
  • Automatic timesheets, invoicing & payroll output, based on carer’s visit attendance
  • Carer eMAR & Tasks allows client’s medication information and tasks to be logged quickly and easily - reducing errors and providing continuous monitoring for managers
  • With Carer Tasks & eMAR, managers can be alerted when there is a concern e.g. medication has been missed, and the reason why
  • Improves reporting capabilities for accounting, CQC & business growth
  • Grows with your business with no expensive upgrade fees

CareLineLive Carer Companion Mobile App & Managed Handsets

Creates a happier, safer and more effective workforce with more time to care

  • Simple to use App - carers have instant access to rotas, care plans & client information
  • Automatically logs visits with secure check in/out via unique QR codes in clients’ homes
  • Carers are kept informed and can easily complete and record all client’s tasks and medication administered with our eMAR & tasks solution
  • Location tracker provides instant access to the whereabouts of your carers
  • Ability to view client contact details enables carers to call clients to let them know they are on their way
  • Easy to use & fully managed handsets with an all-inclusive mobile usage allowance
  • Ability to disable Apps on handset, e.g. social media Apps, to prevent misuse of handsets
  • In the event of loss, can be locked, protected or wiped to ensure security of information

Connectivity offering the best coverage

We partner with Vodafone & O2 to ensure the best coverage for your carers. All handsets are 4G enabled for the fastest connection. If there is a problem with connection, data from your carers’ visits is queued & sent when connection is re-established

CareLineLive Family & Friends Website

Reassures family and friends by providing clarity, visibility and peace of mind
  • Real-time access to visit schedules including dates, times & length
  • Shows visit confirmation, including visit time information
  • Access to continuity of care confirmation
  • Provides carer details & communication of any issues or updates

Help & Support

Being there when you need us is paramount to your business running smoothly and efficiently, that’s why we offer:

Helpful, friendly telephone & online support from a team of experts

Handset software that allows us to support your carers, whatever their location, and block access to certain applications, if necessary, in the event of any serious issues or misuse of handsets

In the event of loss, handsets can be locked, protected or wiped to ensure security of information

What CareLineLive can offer for you

A simple and affordable monthly pricing plan per carer which includes:

  • All management software & hosting, security & backup
  • All mobile software & security
  • All carer handsets & airtime required
  • Unlimited access for family & friends
  • Adapts to your business needs

The only care management system available on short term, 1-year contracts

  • Quick to setup & learn, with online support & optional 1-to-1 training
  • Optional integration with accounts systems & electronic medical records
  • Optional data migration available from legacy rostering systems
  • Helpful, friendly telephone & online support from industry experts