CareLineLive’s integrations with 3rd party software applications

Get the full list of third party software CareLineLive's homecare management system integrates with. From Sage to Xero, ContrOCC to CM2000.
Marie Page
21st October 2022

We know that for many home care agencies, the prospect of getting up and running with a new management system can be daunting, particularly when you need to migrate and/or integrate your data with other software systems.

CareLineLive integrates with a number of other software solutions and applications to provide a seamless and complete solution that meets your exact requirements.

Local authorities use systems such as CM2000, ContrOCC, Mosaic and Abacus. CareLineLive supports data exchange with these systems by generating perfectly formatted csv files with one or two clicks. We’ve created specific integrations for Sheffield City Council, Hertfordshire, East Sussex (Visits Module), Kent County Council and Bury Council.

We also have integrations with multiple other systems such as Sage (including 50cloud Accounts and Payroll and Payroll Professional IE), Xero, Tempaid and Hastee. Integrations with Microsoft Dynamics and iTrent are coming soon.

Integration with Xero for invoicing

Xero is a well known cloud-based accounting software solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

Integration with Sage for payroll

Sage is one of the most well known comprehensive accounting software solutions and it has a suite of packages for different business sizes and requirements.

The Sage 50cloud Accounts integration allows you to export invoices generated from CareLineLive. CareLineLive also integrates with Sage 50cloud Payroll (UK) and Sage Payroll Professional (IE).

Integration with Hastee

Hastee allows workers to receive a portion of their earned pay immediately. This is particularly helpful to care workers who are often on zero hour contracts and therefore have irregular pay cycles.

Integration with Tempaid

Tempaid is a recruitment payroll and billing software solution.

Local authority software integrations – CM2000, Abacus, ContrOCC, Mosaic

Local authorities often have very exacting requirements of home care providers and the ability of their management software to integrate seamlessly. CareLineLive integrates with CM2000, Abacus, ContrOCC and Mosaic.

We’ve created specific integrations for Sheffield City Council, Hertfordshire, East Sussex (Visits Module), Kent County Council and Bury Council.

With all the above systems we will provide full support and documentation with setting up the integration, importing of existing data and ongoing integration requirements.

How other CareLineLive customers found the integration experience

“As we use CM2000 in one borough and Abacus in another for accounting, we needed to integrate CareLineLive with both of those systems, which was facilitated with ease. CareLineLive have been very responsive and their support has been great throughout the onboarding process.”
Ali Sharif, Director of Operations, Sunlight Care Group

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