A closer look at Linniar for home care compliance support

A "look under the hood" of Linniar, the new compliance and auditing software. Aligning with CQC compliance and importantly the new Single Assessment Framework.
Linniar CQC compliance
Merina Martin
20th October 2023

I thought I’d take the opportunity to “look under the hood” of Linniar, the new compliance and auditing software, and give you my take on what it offers. It is is very much ‘of the moment’ and CareLineLive are so impressed that we are partnering with Linniar to introduce the software to the UK market.

Linniar has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of the English market, namely CQC. However, Linniar are already forging ahead to further develop the software to meet the requirements of other UK regulatory organisations. It’s certainly a great tool which allows for self-evaluation of services which is intrinsic in providing evidence for all UK registered providers.

For CQC registered providers there couldn’t be a better time for Linniar to be available to CareLineLive customers. This is due to providers across England facing the challenges of meeting the demands of the new CQC assessment framework, a transition that is very much a current Achilles Heel for a lot of providers.

What’s on offer?

The software is an audit and compliance platform which is bespoke to, and aligns with CQC compliance and importantly the new Single Assessment Framework, regulation, the fundamental standards and additionally, the monitoring of home care businesses through audits, surveys and self-assessments. The software is intuitive with features that include a comprehensive audit programme, quality indicators and plan for continuous improvement.

Supporting providers to meet the requirements of the new Single Assessment Framework.

The self-assessments, audits and surveys link to the various reporting and quality features and the Plan for Continuous Improvement (PIC) which specifically aids improvement by identifying risk areas and opportunities for improvement. Intrinsic to the software is the audit programme which asks a variety of questions linking to the area being assessed. The applicable standards and regulations are available for reference and dependent on the answers they will feed through to the Plan for Continuous Improvement.

Visibility of the organisation’s overall position

The software will keep services informed of their position ahead of inspection, as the evidence it can provide almost exactly mirrors CQC expectations within the realms of continual assessment by showing how well the service is meeting the CQC Key Questions, Quality Statements, Evidence Categories, regulation and the standards. Additionally, the software benchmarks the audits showing how they have impacted on the overall score of individual services and also how they have scored against other customers using the software.

These valuable features give a full picture of the identified areas for improvement through a clear end-to-end process which generates evidence of how improvements have been identified and then right through to conclusion.

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