Working with MOA Benchmarking for better performance in the Single Assessment Framework

Previously known as Linniar, MOA is a benchmarking platform tailored to meet the requirements of Care Quality Commission Single Assessment Framework.
Working with MOA Benchmarking
Merina Martin
17th June 2024

If you have been at any local care association events recently you may have come across us sharing an exhibition stand with our strategic partner, MOA Benchmarking. Previously known as Linniar, MOA is designed for use as a benchmarking platform within England’s home care sector. Like CareLineLive, MOA Benchmarking is tailored to meet the requirements of Care Quality Commission (CQC) Single Assessment Framework.

MOA reports incorporate a comprehensive set of features, including bar charts and Likert scales, to effectively illustrate benchmarking data in the home care space and specifically for the English market. Here’s how they achieve this:

  • Quality improvement:

MOA reports enable organisations to compare performance against industry standards, promoting continuous improvement in care delivery. Bar charts visually display performance metrics, simplifying identification of areas for enhancement.

  • Identifying opportunities:

Benchmarking reports aid organisations in identifying areas for improvement, including staffing, client satisfaction, and operational efficiency. Likert scales clearly show satisfaction levels and areas requiring attention.

  • Resource allocation:

By analysing resource utilisation compared to peers, the reports facilitate informed resource allocation decisions to optimise service quality and cost-effectiveness. Bar charts visualise resource allocation trends over time.

  • Risk management:

Benchmarking enables organisations to proactively identify potential risks and vulnerabilities. Likert scales assess risk factors, allowing for the implementation of proactive mitigation strategies.

  • Enhanced decision-making:

Data-driven insights from benchmarking support informed decision-making, guiding strategic planning and goal setting. Bar charts present comparative data to inform decision-makers.

  • Performance transparency:

MOA reports promote transparency and accountability by providing stakeholders with clear metrics to evaluate performance and outcomes. Bar charts and Likert scales offer transparent performance indicators.

  • Competitive advantage:

By benchmarking against industry leaders, organisations can gain a competitive edge by adopting innovative practices and staying ahead of trends. Our reports showcase benchmarking data against industry benchmarks, highlighting areas of excellence and areas for improvement.

Enabling continuous improvement

MOA reports serve the dual purpose of comparing performance with industry standards and monitoring progress since the last audit. This practice is in line with CQC’s recent quality statement, which advocates for fostering a culture of learning and continuous improvement. The reports are available for download in various formats, enabling easy sharing with the CQC, staff members, local authorities, and other stakeholders. Furthermore, each report incorporates action plans that are directly linked to audit findings. These action plans offer comprehensive insights into areas that require improvement and highlight proactive measures implemented.

In essence, MOA reports utilise bar charts and Likert scales to effectively convey benchmarking data. By doing so, they assist organisations in driving continuous improvement initiatives, improving decision-making processes, and gaining a competitive edge within the homecare and residential sectors.

Why can’t CareLineLive simply create the same reports as MOA Benchmarking?

CareLineLive and MOA Benchmarking offer complementary services but focus on different aspects of home care provision:

CareLineLive (home care management software):

  • Core functionality
    CareLineLive is primarily a software platform designed for managing home care operations. It focuses on scheduling, rostering, client management, and carer coordination. The platform aims to streamline administrative tasks, improve communication between caregivers and clients, and optimise scheduling efficiency.
  • Key features
    Includes features such as real-time care monitoring, electronic care plans, mobile access for carers and nurses, billing and invoicing, and reporting capabilities tailored to home care providers.
  • Target audience
    Designed specifically for home care providers looking to enhance operational efficiency, improve carer productivity, and ensure quality service delivery

MOA Benchmarking (quality management software):

  • Focus
    MOA Benchmarking offers quality management solutions tailored to home care, care home, retirement living and disability support providers. It emphasises regulatory compliance, continuous quality improvement, and organisational excellence through audits, incident management, and policy adherence.
  • Key features
    Includes modules for incident management, continuous improvement planning, policies & procedures management, and comprehensive audits and surveys. These tools help organisations assess compliance with a range of standards including those of the CQC, fostering a culture of quality improvement.
  • Integration with CareLineLive
    MOA software can complement CareLineLive by providing additional tools for compliance monitoring, quality assurance, and performance analytics. It enhances the overall operational framework by ensuring adherence to regulatory standards and facilitating data-driven decision-making.

Comparison and Integration:

  • Complementary focus
    CareLineLive focuses on operational efficiency and client care management, while MOA Benchmarking emphasises quality management and regulatory compliance.
  • Integration benefits
    Integrating MOA Benchmarking with CareLineLive allows home care providers to combine operational functionalities with robust quality assurance measures. This integration enables comprehensive oversight of client care, efficient scheduling aligned with compliance requirements, and enhanced reporting capabilities.
  • Overall enhancement
    Together, CareLineLive and MOA Benchmarking offer a holistic approach to home care management, from efficient service delivery to maintaining high standards of care and compliance.

By leveraging both platforms, home care providers can achieve a balanced approach that supports both operational efficiency and regulatory compliance, ultimately enhancing the quality of care provided to clients.


If you want to know more about CareLineLive and it’s partners, get in touch today for a free demo. We can also do a formal introduction to the team at MOA.

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