New national care and support service for Wales announced

Discover this newly announced initiative that aims to transform the social care landscape in Wales. It will be called the National Office for Care and Support.
Merina Martin
8th July 2024

Albert Heaney, Chief Social Care Officer for Wales, has revealed that the Welsh Government has set a long-term objective of establishing a national care and support service named the ‘National Office for Care and Support’. Under the leadership of Albert Heaney, this initiative aims to transform the social care landscape in Wales. The primary focus of this service will be to enhance outcomes for individuals, improve service accessibility and foster collaborative partnerships with service users.

The service strives to comprehensively improve the social sector by building upon the progress achieved during the current government’s term, which commenced in 2021. Its primary goal is to offer vital assistance to the social care workforce through the promotion of innovation and the pursuit of ongoing enhancements. Moreover, a key aspect of the mandate is for the National Office for Care and Support to:

  • Develop the service
  • Implement a National Commissioning Framework
  • Enhance the well-being of individuals and communities

Working together

Collaborative efforts among Ministers, local authorities, and the sector are focused on offering strategic leadership in alignment with the Social Services and Well-Being Act 2014. This initiative also aims to uphold the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act and fulfil the obligations under the Welsh Language Standards, promoting linguistic and cultural diversity within the sector.

The national office team comprises seasoned professionals dedicated to essential tasks like data analysis, commissioning and operational delivery. These functions are crucial for enabling the office to effectively carry out its mandate. The national office will strive to establish a central guidance hub that empowers both providers and service users, fostering best practices, elevating national standards and guaranteeing the provision of equitable and inclusive care and support.

A new era

This new chapter in social care aims to enhance issue resolution and promote national principles and standards to drive positive change. The focus will be on prioritising organisational development and culture, while cultivating a culture of learning, equity and inclusivity. Emphasising workforce well-being, the initiative will also encourage community engagement through innovation, improvement and transformation. The goal is to further advance collaborative working by conducting in-depth data analysis of social care data, with the aim of revolutionising current commissioning practices to enhance service delivery.


Commissioners will analyse data from social care services to support innovation and explore new approaches to enhance service quality and safety. EBrokerage plays a significant role in driving the transformation of care delivery and management. Leveraging technology to facilitate care brokering is crucial for enhancing the efficiency of local authorities. Moreover, utilising customised software to oversee care delivery is indispensable.

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