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CareFor is now part of the CareLineLive family of software
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Explore CareLineLive’s Features

From digital rostering to electronic call monitoring, medication and task administration or recording mileage automatically, CareLineLive has a comprehensive set of features tailor-made for home care businesses.

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Care Rostering and Management

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CareLineLive streamlines rostering processes, providing real-time access to client and carer information while enhancing safeguarding through visit verification. This enables more efficient scheduling and increased productivity for carers.

  • Care Rostering and ManagementHome care rostering
  • Care Rostering and ManagementCarer leave and availability
  • Care Rostering and ManagementTravel time estimates
  • Care Rostering and ManagementUnplanned visits
  • Capacity PlanningCapacity planning
  • Care Rostering and ManagementUp-to-date client information
  • Care Rostering and ManagementContact information
  • Care Rostering and ManagementSafeguarding and call monitoring
  • Care Rostering and ManagementVisit verification

Electronic Visit Records Including eMAR

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Experience enhanced care planning and delivery while minimising the risk of errors through our user-friendly eMARs, task management, observations, and alerts.

  • Care Rostering and ManagementAccurate attendance records
  • Care Rostering and ManagementTask Management
  • Care Rostering and ManagementIncreased safety and greater compliance with eMAR
  • Care Rostering and ManagementRecord health observations
  • Care Rostering and ManagementVisit notes, concerns and incident reports

Care Planning, Compliance, Client Safety and Reporting

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CareLineLive offers a streamlined, purpose-built, and fully traceable system fortified by robust security and data protection measures, ensuring not only superior care but also elevated compliance standards.

  • Care Rostering and ManagementAssessments
  • Care Rostering and ManagementForms
  • Care Rostering and ManagementMedical Conditions and Medication
  • Care Rostering and ManagementPreferences
  • Care Rostering and ManagementObservations
  • Care Rostering and ManagementAuditing
  • Care Rostering and ManagementCarer and Client Reviews
  • Care Rostering and ManagementDocuments
  • Care Rostering and ManagementVisit Verification
  • Care Rostering and ManagementIncident Reporting
  • Care Rostering and ManagementCarer Concerns
  • Care Rostering and ManagementContingency Planning
  • Care Rostering and ManagementReporting

Payroll and Invoicing

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Experience seamless and efficient invoice and payroll generation with the ability to export with just a few clicks to popular accounting software such as Xero, Sage CM2000 and ContrOCC.

  • Care Rostering and ManagementAdvanced client and carer contract configuration
  • Care Rostering and ManagementAutomated time sheet management
  • Care Rostering and ManagementVersatile invoicing options
  • Care Rostering and ManagementAutomated mileage, holiday pay and travel time
  • Care Rostering and ManagementSplit contracts

Care Circle Portal

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Our Care Circle Portal keeps family members, friends, community health workers, emergency services and the entire care network well-informed by granting them access to the latest client care information.

  • Care Rostering and ManagementTemporary access for emergency services
  • Care Rostering and ManagementAccess to care notes
  • Care Rostering and ManagementFamily and Friends app

Fully Managed Handsets

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We have collaborated with Nokia to deliver enterprise-grade 4G-enabled mobile phones. These come pre-loaded with the Carer Companion app, email functionality, remote data wipe and locking capabilities, as well as the ability to block unwanted features.

  • Care Rostering and ManagementDevice management and remote wipe
  • Care Rostering and ManagementMobile data plan