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We chatted with Sarah from Customer Support about the importance of responsive customer support and how CareLineLive benefits the whole circle of care.
Marie Page
15th September 2020

We chatted with Sarah Uttley, who recently joined our Customer Support team, about the importance of responsive customer support and how CareLineLive can benefit not only home care providers but the whole circle of care.

What are you most passionate about in the social care sector?

Social care plays an extremely important role within our society and I am deeply passionate about ensuring that everyone gets the absolute best care at all times. I have had a couple of family members who have been looked after by social care. We have been so grateful to be able to access this care to give them the independence that they still wanted.

What’s your role at CareLineLive?

I form part of the Customer Support/Onboarding team. As part of our customer onboarding we offer three onboarding sessions to train and onboard customers onto our software and then give them on-going support via email and our telephone support line.

What’s the most important aspect of customer service at CareLineLive?

To be responsive and supportive to all our customers so that they can concentrate on providing the best care to their clients.

How does CareLineLive work differently with their customers?

I believe that we are passionate about building a relationship with our customers, in a way that we become part of their team…in an IT aspect.

We have a variety of customers, those who come from using a paper-based system or those who have used other software previously. We must be tailored in our approach, for example some customers require more support than others as may have only used emails before in terms of IT.

Our aim is to give our customers confidence in using CareLineLive, and ensure they get up to speed as quickly as possible with our user-friendly software. It is especially important to us that our customers can happily pick up the phone or send us an email, knowing that there is NO such a thing as a “stupid question”. 

Why do you feel technology can really make a difference in home care?

Nowadays its critical with social care that up to date information is shared constantly within the circle of care, and with CareLineLive’s software it is extremely easy to navigate such information for all involved. Our software provides carers with a one stop solution with everything that they need to know about their clients, accessible on a mobile device rather than waiting for someone to come out and manually update information to do with care and MARs Charts.  This in turn ensures that the clients are very well looked after, with more time spent with them rather than filling out paperwork. Also the home care agency gets real-time feedback on clients, so any monitoring procedures or actions can be put in place immediately and shared amongst the care team. 

There is also a duty of care to carers; through CareLineLive’s call monitoring managers can see that a carer is not where they should be, so can raise an alarm to check that all is well.

How does CareLineLive differ to other home care management software?

We all genuinely care about our customers, their clients, and are passionate about what we do. Many us have had experience of loved ones either receiving care or working in care and we understand the frustrations that all involved can experience. 

We also appreciate that not every customer is the same in terms of their requirements and ways of working. It is extremely important to us that any of our customers feel very well supported when they decide to bring CareLineLive into their environment.  It is not just a sale, it is the start of a great working relationship.

How does CareLineLive innovate to ensure that they are continually providing a service that customers want and need?

CareLineLive listen – and from listening we learn.  The world itself is ever evolving, so everyone needs to evolve with it. Our developments are insight led to ensure that we provide the future of home care management software to our customers and provide the best software in the home care industry.

What do you think is the future of home care management software?

Bringing a great software package into your business will greatly improve all aspects of the business. So much so that I believe to achieve what the CQC expects of a great agency, the only way to do this will be to use home care management software. Paper and pen will become defunct.

The opportunities and touchpoints for software in home care will grow and Covid-19 has helped remove the fear of technology. I feel the future will be about how software can help those involved in care stay even more connected. Plus those receiving care can be more in control of their care.

You are new to the team, what’s your impression of working at CareLineLive?

Its a great forward-thinking team with a huge passion for what they do.  Everyone is considered an important part of the team; we all work together to achieve our continuous aim…to help our customers with best-in-class home care management software.

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