Elevating home care services through strategic partnerships: the CareLineLive approach

Any alliance with another software partner must ultimately benefit our customers. We view alliances as a means for one software function to complement another.
Merina Martin
19th June 2024

It is fascinating to observe the significant interest from potential partners who are enthusiastic about collaborating with CareLineLive.

When considering partnerships, we are mindful that any alliance must ultimately benefit our customers. The seamless integration of platforms has simplified the process, and we view it as a means for one software component to complement another. Our foremost priority is to ensure that any partnership also enhances the experience of individuals using home care services.

CareLineLive is a comprehensive management and service delivery software, aimed at aiding home care agencies in improving productivity, efficiency, and providing support for carers to deliver exceptional person-centred care. A key advantage with the CareLineLive platform lies in its versatility, including that it can be utilised by home care providers not only within the UK but also internationally and within different regulatory frameworks.

The diverse array of features offered by CareLineLive facilitates the generation of reports that prove invaluable for service enhancement and compliance purposes. These reports provide evidence, highlighting various aspects of business management such as rostering, capacity planning, and actual service delivery.

Why collaborate with other software providers?

We are committed to ensuring seamless integration with software that aligns with the requirements of various regulatory bodies in both the UK and overseas (currently we are focused on Australia). We firmly believe that this collaborative approach will enhance the experience for providers seeking to maximise technology’s potential benefits. CareLineLive’s comprehensive reporting functionality stands out as one of the leading offerings in the market, providing valuable data and insights into staff activities, client management, and business operations.

A significant milestone in this exciting venture is our collaboration with MOA Benchmarking (previously known as Linniar). MOA is specifically designed for use as a benchmarking platform within England’s home care sector. Like CareLineLive, MOA Benchmarking is tailored to meet the requirements of Care Quality Commission (CQC) Single Assessment. This collaborative working extends to support continuous improvement and aligns perfectly with home care businesses in England.

Why can’t CareLineLive simply create the same reports as MOA Benchmarking?

CareLineLive has taken the decision to focus on doing what it does well – the day-to-day management tasks and processes for home care providers as well as an extensive portfolio of reports. MOA Benchmarking focusses on benchmarking reports that relate to the CQC’s regulatory framework. As such providers that choose to work with both CareLineLive and MOA Benchmarking benefit from a complete set of reports without overlap.

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