A system that differs from other home care software as it’s user-intuitive

Sales Manager Barrie talks to us about the benefits he thinks CareLineLive's user-intuitive home care software can deliver to our customers.
Marie Page
20th May 2020

Back in 2020 we welcomed Barrie Worley to the CareLineLive sales team. This is an updated chat we had with him at the time about his background in social care, and what benefits he thinks CareLineLive’s user-intuitive home care software can deliver to our customers.

What is your experience of working in the social care sector?

I’ve been working in the Social Care sector for around five years, starting off at Webroster and now at CareLineLive. During that time I have travelled around the country talking to providers about the benefits of technology and how it can impact their business and most importantly deliver outstanding care to their clients. My work has not only involved private organisations, but I have also worked with Local Authorities and NHS. 

What are you most passionate about with regards to the social care sector?

I’m most passionate about the care that clients receive and ultimately how technology such as CareLineLive helps with delivering that care. Like a lot of people, I have had family members that received care and seen how tirelessly carers work. I have also experienced personally how technology has benefited my family members in receiving the best care possible.

What is your role at CareLineLive?

I am a Sales Manager at CareLineLive therefore my primary remit is to promote our services and product offerings to prospective customers and the wider social care market.

When talking to customers, what are their current key challenges?

The sector has always had its challenges, whether that’s having enough carers, retaining staff, and ultimately having a user-intuitive home care management system that can help improve efficiency in nearly all aspects of their business day-to-day. My job is to help them understand that our technology is there to help them become more efficient, productive, safer, more regulated, secure, and help deliver better person-centred care.

Why do you feel technology can really make a difference in home care?

Technology can help streamline processes within home care and help agencies to become far more transparent; to both the CQC and most importantly to the clients and their relatives.

Who benefits from using Care Management Systems such as CareLineLive?

Everyone – the business, the staff within that business, clients, and their relatives. The world is becoming software driven from using your computer at home to run a home care agency to carers using apps like our Carer Companion App to ensure they are fully informed in real-time to deliver the best care. Therefore technology like CareLineLive is there to help future proof businesses to help them ultimately deliver excellent services of care into the future.

How does CareLineLive differ to other Care Management System providers?

We differ from other providers because our system is user intuitive; it has been designed with the social care sector in mind and from real life experiences of how agencies work.

On-boarding software is never an easy process but with CareLineLive they have removed the headache around the worries of implementing a new system because of its functional and practical user interface. Some competitors have been around for a long time and some of their systems are not evolving, but with CareLineLive being an innovative, agile business we can enact change quickly and responsively to continually improve the user experience. 

How does CareLineLive innovate to ensure that they are continually providing a service that customers want and need?

Quick answer, we always listen to customers and the sector as a whole and develop our solution appropriately.

What do you think is the future of home care software?

The future will keep evolving but we will get to a point where agencies and the sector will look to providers such as CareLineLive to provide all the necessary facets of home care software they need to operate without the need or use of secondary suppliers.

You are new in the team, what’s your impression of working at CareLineLive?

They have a great mentality to succeed as a business, always looking to innovate and give the best possible experience to our customers and future customers.

I feel like I have become part of a great unit of individuals all looking to develop CareLineLive into the No.1 provider in the sector, ensuring we always deliver against our customers’ needs.

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