The care management system that delivers more time to care

CareLineLive is a commercially sound decision that pays for itself in just 4 months. The CareLineLive Management System, Mobile App and Family & Friends website will improve efficiency, cash flow, capacity and revenue opportunities in your business

The system gives you more time to care for your clients, your staff and your business

Agency Owner Benefits

Easy to use, highly efficient, CareLineLive will improve the productivity of your business

Improved cash flow
Automated timesheets, increased billing & payroll accuracy
Increased capacity, revenues & profits
From automating your admin & decreased overheads
Increased Staff Retention & Job Satisfaction
Reduction in payroll disputes by up to 65%, lessening employment & training costs
Reduction in client queries complaints by up to 50%
Family & Friends website provide instant updates about client visits
Decreased Overheads
Lower management to staff ratio by 33%
Improved reporting
For CQC, accounting & business growth

Carers’ Benefits

The CareLineLive Mobile App gives staff more time to care, creating a happier, safer and more effective workforce

Increased shift reliability & reduces admin
Automated timesheets & instant access to rotas
Increased pay accuracy
Automatically logging visits with secure check in/check out facility
Improved personal safety
Location tracker pinpoints staff location
Enhanced communication
Through in App client records & live updates
100% Secure
Easy to use, secure if loss & fully managed handsets

Family & Friends Benefits

CareLineLive Family & Friends website reassures everyone by providing clarity and peace of mind, reducing the day-to-day anxiety of managing care of loved ones

Increased visibility
Live updates of visit schedules including dates, times & lengths
Increased engagement
Access to visit confirmation & carer notes, to see if there are any problems
Continuity of Care
Able to check carer’s details
Invoice Management
Manage your relative’s accounts easily through invoice payment via the App