10 tips to ensure success with your CareLineLive onboarding

All new businesses taking on CareLineLive for the first time are given onboarding training. Here's how to make the most of it.
Marie Page
12th December 2022

All new businesses taking on CareLineLive for the first time are given onboarding training. We’ve put this guide together to help you make the most of your onboarding. Below are the most common reasons why your training could fail:

1. Your staff are not ready to do the training

Having the time and a clear, focused mind-set for these sessions is really important.

Of the three training sessions, the first session is only 45 minutes and doesn’t require any pre-session homework on your behalf. The only thing you will need to have done in advance is to provide the email addresses you need to access e-learning.

After that you will need to find the time to do some self-learning on our online e-learning platform. This will take a maximum two hours and the learning does not need to be done in one continuous session. The managers of the business will need to set up client and carer contract templates and everyone will learn to record basic information for your clients and carers.

Session two cannot go ahead until a number of client and carer records have been populated with basic information and contracts have been assigned. Session two will show you how to create your rosters and how to share this information with your carers via the mobile app.

For session three it is ideal that you have created rotas for your care visits and your carers have been using the app to record their attendance and activities at client visits. Session three will show you how to generate client invoices and carer payroll and also how to extract management information from the system using reports.

2. You don’t yet have any clients or carers

It’s best to have actual clients and carers in place otherwise you are simply working with hypothetical information. People learn best when they have real things in life to relate the training to. With real clients and carers to set up on the system you are also likely to explore more complex issues which help you understand the software more extensively. When you are using the contextual information of real visits and scenarios you are more likely to intuitively realise when something isn’t set up or working optimally.

We actually suggest prioritising clients with multiple visits/double up calls in order that you can work through a more complex schedule first.

3. You leave too long between your training sessions and implementing your learning

It’s best to allow a week between sessions one and two to ensure that you complete the e-learning and input the data needed for session two. If you leave it too long there is a risk that you forget the questions that arose while you were working on the tasks. There is also a chance that you will have forgotten some of the learning.

4. You haven’t set up carers or clients in the time between your e-learning and session two

The objective of the e-learning is to teach you how to set up contracts, carers, clients and user accounts (for carers to be able to login to the mobile app). Then within the tasks set you go ahead and implement that learning with your actual clients, carers and users. This means that in session two you have a working knowledge of how to navigate through the software.

5. You haven’t allowed enough time for the training and implementation

The bulk of the time needed to migrate to CareLineLive from your existing processes and make it your ‘live’ system is between session two and session three. This ensures that your learning in session two is fully understood and crucially implemented. Session two covers all the essential knowhow about the CareLineLive software so having a detailed working knowledge of that in practice before session three enables you to make the most of your final training session.

Session three is not advised if you have not implemented ‘going live’ after session two and so would have to be postponed.

6. You’ve done your training too quickly without fully assimilating the learning between sessions

There is a lot of information to cover so try to allow a bit of time between sessions so that you are not overloaded or overwhelmed. And of course we know you have a business to run at the same time so do allow yourself the time you need to make the most of your sessions.

7. You were distracted during your training

It happens – we know there are emergencies in home care – but if you are distracted you were not able to fully focus. We can record sessions upon request and can use that to refer back but do remember that you won’t be able to ask questions of a recording so try to clear the space in your diary (and your mind) for each session.

8. You’ve not checked the support articles on our help site or contacted us when you’ve run into a problem or have a question.

We would much prefer you to ask us when you are struggling than wait until the next session. Our team are there to help you get the most out of the system as possible and it is perfectly OK to be asking questions between training sessions.

9. You didn’t ask questions during the session or fully engage during it

If you need more information on a topic or want to make sure you’ve understood it properly. We will do our best to give you opportunities during the session to make sure you’re not getting lost but you will be able to ask questions throughout.

10. You were too embarrassed to say when you didn’t understand something

And now you can’t work out how to move on. Or perhaps you have had negative experiences with customer support with other companies in the past. This is surprisingly common. Please don’t be shy – there’s no such thing as a stupid question.

We respond really quickly to email and online help (chat) enquiries. And of course the phone is also an option.

One more reason! You haven’t read the CareLineLive onboarding email properly.

The onboarding email is a long one. It’s detailed for a good reason and includes all the necessary steps to help you make the best of your training. This email also includes booking links for sessions one and two.
It is well worth booking them both in as soon as you get the email as this provides the most opportunity for the dates and times you want. If you wait until the end of the first session to book session two it might mean that the support and training team’s calendar is full up for the following week

If after having read the email you have any questions do get in touch. Respond to the email or call the support line.

Hundreds of customers have succeeded easily in learning CareLineLive effectively

We really want you to get the most out of your onboarding training. Postponing a session means that you will not get up and running with CareLineLive as quickly as you would have liked so please do ensure that you have enough time, are not stressed and finish all the required implementation tasks in time and if you have any questions please get in touch.

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