Aged Care Employee Day: A Chance to Celebrate the Work of Our Carers

Today we’re celebrating Aged Care Employee Day, a fantastic opportunity for us to reflect on the work of care professionals around all of Australia.
Marie Page
7th August 2021

Today we’re celebrating Aged Care Employee Day, a fantastic opportunity for us to reflect on all those who work in aged care in Australia. The theme for this year is #ThanksforCaring and led by LASA, it’s a chance to show appreciation to the everyone working tirelessly to deliver expert care.  

The aged care sector is vital to support and care for more than 1.3 million elderly and vulnerable people in Australia, and there’s over 360,000 individuals who contribute to caring for them each day. Many care staff, including carers, nurses, health professionals and volunteers carry out their role and make such a difference to the lives of those who they care for. The pandemic has, over the past year, highlighted for many the true importance of these roles these individuals do. Without their hard work, families and friends would have expressed greater concerns around the health and wellbeing of their loved ones. Carers have gone a long way in showing support, and it’s now time for the sector to reciprocate this. 

At CareLineLive, we’ve seen first-hand the improvements that smart technology has brought to the sector, helping carers do their jobs more seamlessly while still providing quality and personalised care. For example, our new features have widened the ‘circle of care’ to external stakeholders such as GPs, plus with client observations, our Carer Companion app helps carers become more responsive and proactive to potential issues. It’s important that carer satisfaction is increased ensuring they feel empowered to do their job and CareLineLive are continually developing our technology with this in mind. 

Carers have had to step up in the wake of the pandemic, and many clients, families and friends of those receiving care will be forever grateful for the support they have provided. Technology has enabled many other sectors to continue working efficiently and productively, and we are beginning to see the benefits of digitising the aged care sector too. 

Aged care employees deserve a lot of praise and while the pandemic has put a spotlight on the work that they do, technology will help to remove some of the pressures they feel at work, ultimately enabling them to continue to provide the best care possible. 

From us all at CareLineLive, to everyone who works in the aged care sector #ThanksforCaring 

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