“Why leaving my career in pharmacy to become a carer was the best decision I ever made”

Janet left her career as a dispensary technician to become a carer, a decision that has proven to be the best she has ever made.
Janet Mercer Pharmacist to Carer
Marie Page
23rd May 2023

Janet is a carer who works for Bridgewater Home Care in Halton, which provides non-medical care at home to older and vulnerable adults. She made the bold choice to leave her career as a dispensary technician eight years ago to become a carer, a decision that has proven to be the best decision she has ever made.

Janet worked in pharmacy for over 25 years but decided to leave as she wanted a different challenge and always felt something was missing. She longed to work in a role where she could make a tangible difference in the quality of people’s lives, which is why she decided to become a carer. Previous knowledge about medications, as well as an understanding of correct dosage levels and scheduled medication times, helped her training process in her new role.

At present, there are 165,000 open positions in the social care sector, and a considerable number of individuals are opting to depart from the field due to the higher remuneration available in the hospitality or retail sectors. Like many carers, Janet has felt the increased pressure and emotional responsibility that has come with caring during the recent NHS crisis, where 7 million people are waiting for treatment.

To support her in her new role, Janet uses CareLineLive, an all-in-one home care management software provider, to help her manage her day-to-day responsibilities. The technology ensures that carers are well-informed for every visit and are able to do their job efficiently. It also keeps families and friends in the loop about their loved one’s care and ensures that carers have all the information they need to deliver a high standard of personalised care for every client.

“CareLineLive has been a great help to me,” Janet says. “It saves me and my colleagues time, which means we can spend more time with our clients. It is also very simple to use and it’s reassuring for families to know that they can stay updated on their loved one’s care and progress.

“Working as a carer has been incredibly rewarding. Every day, I get to work one-on-one with clients and provide them with the care and support they need. It’s a job that requires a lot of patience, empathy, and compassion, but it’s so worth it to know that I’m making a real difference in people’s lives. Although the pay is considerably different from my previous job, getting up in the morning and enjoying the job I do is a ‘money can’t buy’ feeling I am extremely grateful for. My colleagues are amazing and I always feel appreciated by them, and my employer”

Josh Hough, MD and Founder at CareLineLive, commented: “Stories like Janet’s are always positive to hear. Being a carer can be a challenging job at times and we are proud to work with Bridgewater Home Care and support their amazing carers like Janet. At CareLineLive, we understand the challenges that carers face and how important it is to have the right tools and technology to make their job easier. Our software is designed to streamline the day-to-day operations of home care agencies and enable carers to deliver the highest standard of care to their clients. We believe that technology can play a key role in transforming the home care industry for the better of both clients and carers. Janet’s story is a testament to the value of carers and the difference they make in people’s lives. It’s important that we continue to support and recognise the vital work that carers do.”

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