CareLineLive Included in DIT’s #Beyond100 Playbook to Boost UK Digital Health Globally

CareLineLive are thrilled to be included in its next iteration of the #First100 Playbook: the DIT's #Beyond100 UK Digital Health Playbook.
Marie Page
20th January 2022

Following on from the success of the #First100 UK Digital Health Playbook, launched 11 months ago, CareLineLive are thrilled to be included in its next iteration: the DIT’s #beyond100 UK Digital Health Playbook.

The DIT’s #Beyond100 Playbook promotes 160 UK innovative companies, that are addressing healthcare issues, to 96 markets worldwide which the Department of International Trade operates within. The playbook includes those who offer ground-breaking technology and who have helped in the response to Covid-19 over the last two years.

To date the DIT’s #Beyond100 programme has generated projects of £60 million from countries such as Australia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Ireland, New Zealand, and Austria. Consequently, CareLineLive are looking forward to the opportunities that the programme offers in 2022.

Because of the pandemic, global healthcare providers have been able to achieve a level of digital transformation that might have otherwise taken several years.

At CareLineLive, we have seen the importance of digital transformation in the home care sector. The pandemic has expedited the need for software that can help increase efficiency and capacity within home care providers, improve communication between staff and clients, and enable carers to deliver safer, better person-centred care.

Josh, CareLineLive CEO, commented “It is fantastic to be alongside so many digital health innovators and we look forward to making an impact internationally upon the challenges faced within the home care sector.”

CareLineLive are ready and excited to extend their global reach to home care providers who want to be at the forefront of technology in their sector and whose staff and clients can benefit from our all-in-one home care management solution. The future of person-centred home care is digital and home care software, like CareLineLive, benefits everyone within the circle of care, managers, carers, clients, and their families.

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