Launch of the Care Quality Commission’s new provider portal

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Merina Martin
24th January 2024
With the launch of the CQC new provider portal well underway we thought it would be good to keep you up to speed with the latest information filtering through. Mark Sutton, Chief Digital and Data Officer at CQC has recently relayed how the provider portal is being rolled out.


The new CQC provider portal is set to transform how information is gathered with the aim of the portal being user friendly and for providers to be able to communicate and interact more effectively with the regulator. CQC are keen to ensure that they streamline their digital services to meet their goal of accessing services in a smarter more consistent way.

CQC are promoting the new portal as easier and quicker to use with pre-population being a key feature, e.g. information about services will pre-populate into notification forms. In this respect, please note that it is imperative that contact and company details are kept up-to-date. Additional features scheduled for later in 2024 will include a clear history of activity, including notifications and status of those activities being available on the portal. This will also show details of interactions with CQC.

Note: Providers must continue to use the current portal until they are invited to join the new one.

Provider Portal – What’s currently happening?

The provider portal will initially allow providers to submit four types of notifications:

  • Serious injury
  • Events that stop a service
  • Deaths
  • Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS)

How and when?

Initially, nominated individuals from a small group of providers have been invited to start using the portal. The reason for small groups is to ensure that the functionality developed works well, with the target date for all providers to be using the portal as March 2024.

CQC’S current information (as of 22/01/20204) is stating that all existing portal users will be invited to join the new portal by the end of February 2024. If you’ve received an email invite to join the new portal, sign up now without delay. From the end of March 2024 all providers will be able to register on the portal and set up their account. Do look out for those emails!

Over the remainder of 2024 additional functionality will be added allowing registered managers to set up an account and additionally, managers will be able to delegate access within organisations. Functionality will allow differing levels of access to information being available.

Looking to the future

CQC are working to improve its digital services, with future development to include improvement to provider information returns (PIR) and factual accuracy processes. Digital development is ongoing and there is certainly a commitment to make it much easier for exchanges of information to take place.

Top tips towards a smooth transition?

Much of the information that is used for evidencing purposes to meet regulatory requirements is already collated by conscientious providers.

Here are some ways that you can keep ahead of the game!

  • Make sure that all of your service information is up-to-date, this includes contact details.
  • Keep yourself and staff updated – join CQC’s Citizen Lab and sign up for CQC updates and newsletters.
  • Use technology – paper-based services are inefficient particularly as businesses scale. The use of technology give insights and information at the press of a button. It saves time and allows users to audit and store records and stakeholder information securely.
  • Change is daunting – make sure that you keep your staff informed during the transition process. Managers should take the time to share information as they receive it and develop processes to reflect specific changes. This is a great opportunity to improve processes and communication and information streams!
  • Keep your PIR up to date – completing a PIR is a substantial and time consuming piece of work. Keeping it updated will certainly give managers, auditors, assessors and inspectors a true picture of the service.
  • CQC want to see how your service actions feedback from both internal and external stakeholders across the service. Be sure to record how feedback is used to inspire innovation and service improvement. Case studies are a great way of doing this.

CareLineLive is dedicated to keeping registered providers abreast of what is happening through the transition period to the new Single Assessment Framework and beyond.

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