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CareLineLive is NHS Data Security Protection Toolkit compliant & have ISO 9001: Quality Management & 27001: Information Security Management certification
Marie Page
1st September 2022

There are many facets to choosing software solutions, especially cloud-based ones that are accessed via internet-connected devices. This holds true for home care management platforms such as CareLineLive. Given that solutions such as CareLineLive involve the storage of sensitive personal information, an important consideration when choosing such solutions is how well online security and data protection is engineered into the product.

Cyber attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated and prevalent. The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) reports that the percentage of UK businesses reporting having identified a cyber attack in 2022 is at 39% with phishing the most common attack vector.
According to The Guardian, cyber attacks on health bodies appear to be on the rise again after a hiatus early in the pandemic. The average cost of a cyber attack in the UK is £4,200 with over half of companies not insured to cover such losses.

Such attacks on businesses cause enormous disruption but in the case of care businesses the consequences can be life threatening. The inability of a carer to access a service user’s data can have huge impact on missed medication or missed care provision – it can quite literally rapidly escalate to a safe-guarding situation.

As well as having ISO 9001: Quality Management and 27001: Information Security Management certification, CareLineLive is NHS Data Security Protection Toolkit compliant. In addition, our enterprise and NHS clients regularly carry out deep cyber security and penetrative tests on our system using specialised independent and 3rd party cyber security firms. In addition, our enterprise and NHS clients regularly carry out deep cyber security, automatic vulnerability scanning and detection and penetration tests on our system using specialised independent 3rd party cyber security firms.

Smaller customers do not always have the budget to check this level of security themselves but can benefit from CareLineLive having to comply with stringent requirements from these customers. One of the many benefits of using a truly cloud-based solution.

We have an exemplary record with these tests and of course take on board any advisory feedback that may emerge. We have just come through our most recent CyberGuard penetration test with flying colours.

Our robust security and back-up systems along with rigorous data protection measures mean that you can offer carers, clients and their families greater peace of mind. You also know that your care management system is fully compliant with all the essential data protection and cyber security measures to ensure best-in-class online safety. If you are a customer, ask to see a copy of our disaster recovery plan and you can read more on our website.

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