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Care eBrokerage is a simple way for commissioning bodies, care brokers/care arrangers and care providers to collaborate and work more efficiently so service users experience better care and improved service.

eBrokeage care software

Your solution to efficient care brokerage.

No more spreadsheets, local databases and emails that add complexity and data security risks. CareLineLive eBrokerage is a secure cloud-based online platform that aids hybrid working.

All transactions and data transfers take place within one system built with industry leading standards of encryption and security.

  • Brokers/commissioners/care arrangers post new care packages on the portal and broadcast to approved providers
  • Providers bid for the packages they are best able to fulfil
  • The care broker reviews the bids and awards care packages within a few clicks
  • Delivery performance data is reported online in a consistent format
  • Payment data is reported automatically
  • Management reports provide comprehensive KPI performance data, in various formats from an overview to a detailed drill-down

Speed and simplicity

Approved providers are automatically notified when new care packages are entered onto the system. They then respond to confirm whether they can fulfil the package. The broker can immediately see which providers are able to take on the package and make a selection using the simple and intuitive user interface.

Local authorities using CareLineLive’s eBrokerage typically cut 12 hours from their fulfillment process.

The system is easy-to-use – both for car commissioners and care providers. We can get you up-and-running with the system within two weeks and training typically takes just two hours.

CareLineLive eBrokerage is easier, fairer, more transparent and saves everyone valuable time. What’s more, it’s priced affordably, potentially reducing the need for a lengthy procurement process.

Speed and Simplicity Workdlow
Consitent Reporting

Consistent reporting

Delivery and compliance are easily tracked through comprehensive reporting modules that can be customised to suit individual needs, for instance:

  • Care hours awarded
  • Care hours delivered
  • Care hours delivered that didn’t match a commissioned package

CareLineLive eBrokerage ensures that brokers receive performance and compliance data in a consistent format, without any need for further processing. Instead of wasting effort dealing with multiple feeds there’ is more time to analyse the data for trends. Any potential performance or non-compliance issues are quickly highlighted. Management reporting can be viewed with any level of detail required so you are always fully informed and fully in control.

Why CareLineLive eBrokerage?

CareLineLive eBrokerage aids hybrid working both by care commissioners and by care providers, because the care package data is held securely in the cloud, requiring only an internet enabled computer and Chrome browser to access via secure login.

Where eBrokerage is in use, care providers are more likely to bid for care packages. This is partly because the packages that providers are offered are already appropriate (the right type of care/skillset required, in their territory), they receive automated notifications and can instantly see the location of the service user on a map. The portal is user friendly and provides an efficient platform for viewing and replying to packages.

If individual care packages become uneconomic for a provider there’s a configurable facility to trade packages through an online marketplace controlled by the commissioning body.

Why CareLineLive?