Star Carer of the Year Award Jaspinder Singh – Ist Place 2023

Discover the inspiring story of Jaspinder Singh, a role model and dedicated carer, as he receives our prestigious 2023 Star Carer of the Year award.
Merina Martin
5th December 2023

Jaspinder Singh was nominated by Julie Mills, HR and Operations Manager at Primary Home Care.

Outstanding rated Primary Homecare offers domiciliary care serves across Suffolk including, Felixstowe, Ipswich and Stowmarket. They provide high quality care which promotes independence, health and wellbeing.

Julie – can you tell us why you nominated Jaspinder for the award of CareLineLive’s Star Carer of the Year?

I nominated Jaspinder as recently, here in Suffolk, we experienced Storm Babette which was severe with extensive flooding. Jaspinder was an absolute star driving through floods to get to calls, although unfortunately his car was damaged in the process. He was absolutely marvellous in covering calls for colleagues and making sure that calls were done on time. His dedication and overall helpfulness is marvellous. The rest of the year he’s so helpful.

Jaspinder – what was your reaction when you were told that you had been nominated and won CareLineLive’s Star Carer of the Year award.

I’m so happy because there were a lot of carers nominated for the award. I’ve been working for Primary Care for almost 13 months and I’ve learnt a lot about caring. I used to work in a care home and since joining Primary Care I have really enjoyed this type of work and I’m going to continue.

What made you consider being a carer?

When I was back in India my grandfather was very ill as he had had an accident and he was so happy that I was with him all of the time. I came to the UK and one month later my grandfather passed away and I decided that I enjoyed working with elderly people  I like working with elderly people, they smile when they see me and often I am the only person that they see all day. I really appreciate that.

What does being a carer mean to you?

I really like seeing a smile on my client’s face, that’s everything for me.

What aspects of being a carer do you enjoy?

Taking care of people is really good and also helping colleagues out. For example a colleague wanted to go to a wedding and I helped her out by covering her visits. I’m always there to help people if there is something that I can do for them, helping people is my first priority.

What are the challenges you face in your job?

The big challenge is the weather and my car. The car got stuck in the flood and cost a lot to fix, the company loaned me a car so that I could do my job. Some of the cultural differences are challenging, for example, the differences in the way I speak English compared to the British English and the speed that people talk is very fast and often words are cut short. I like slang words as well.

In the nomination Julie said that ‘you are a great role model for overseas staff and you support them with your knowledge and personal experiences’. Can you tell me about the importance of this?

Yes, lots of new colleagues joined the company in the last year and they shadow me. It’s quite hard because you’re telling the new carers everything about what’s important for each person using the service and showing them where things are in each home. It’s amazing and a good experience for me. When I came to the UK the main thing is that the company gave me accommodation in the company house so I had time to look for my own place. They help us a lot, it’s not easy when you come to a strange company. We have overseas staff meetings and mentors where we all meet up informally and chat about any difficulties and we can share our experiences. It’s really supportive and you really need that when you come from another country.

What are your aspirations for your career progression?

For now I want to continue with this work and I will become a manager in the future as I am really enjoying this job.

What do you like to do in your spare time away for work?

I love to travel, recently I’ve been to Spain and Belgium, I’m planning other trips early in 2024.

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