June Star Carer: Lorraine Watson from Delta Care

Meet Lorraine Watson, She was chosen as our Star Carer not least for her 28 years service. Colleagues describe her as loyal, extremely reliable.
Marie Page
27th July 2022

Congratulations to Lorraine Watson who was chosen as our June Star Carer not least for her 28 years service at Delta Care where her colleagues describe her as loyal, extremely reliable and where she goes over and above putting clients and staff before her own problems.

Lorraine started out as a care worker working in the community and worked her way up to Care Coordinator where she continues to go out on care when other staff call in sick.

What was your reaction to winning CareLineLive’s May Star Carer Award?

I was shocked and very surprised but also very pleased.

What aspects of being a carer do you enjoy?

I love my work role. I joined Delta in November 1994 as a care worker in the community. I found the role very rewarding and loved helping the service users and making their day a little brighter. Sometimes the only people they see in the day is the carer. I loved to help them and have a chat with them. Then I came into the office as a relief coordinator to cover annual leave in 2015 and then later that year I came into the office full time as a care coordinator. I have a great relationship with all the office team and I am known as the office mum.

How does CareLineLive’s Carer Companion App help you in your job?

CareLineLive helps us all as we are able to trace the carers and see that everyone is running on time . We can also see that all the service users have had a call. Being a live app has made our jobs much easier as we can see at a glance where every one is up to and that our service is running smoothly.

What are the challenges in your role?

Sometimes covering the calls due to sickness can be challenging especially when Covid hit the country hard. Logistics can also be challenging but with the CareLine app this sorts the travel times and distance for you.

How do you switch off after a hard day at work?

I don’t often switch off but when I do I enjoy time with my family. I visit my parents every day in Blackpool and love spending time with my grandson.

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