Benefits of an all-in-one home care management system

Benefits include reduced costs, increased productivity, no need for duplicate data input, compatibility, better security, scalability & more.
Marie Page
28th October 2022

Most businesses have multiple processes and work-flows that make their organisations tick. Given the diversity of these processes, it is easy to understand why a single software solution would not be suitable for the entire range of processes. Domiciliary care providers need systems that effectively and efficiently manage these multiple processes:

  • Efficient rostering of service user visits with available/compatible carers. This includes frequent last minute changes including unplanned visits to be made
  • Travel time management to improve productivity and reduce fuel costs
  • Maintaining comprehensive and time-sensitive accurate client records and care planning
  • Medication management with auditable completions and notes
  • Maintaining care visit records, incident reporting, welfare observations and handover notes
  • Compliance of regulatory standards including easy production of evidence
  • Management and business reporting
  • Real time information sharing between location bound office staff and mobile care workers
  • 24/7 communication with the wider care circle that includes family and loved ones, community health professionals, emergency services
  • Generating staff payroll and client invoicing, calculating holiday pay, managing staff reviews and qualifications
  • Enabling easy data transfer/exchange between systems that help with all of the above and other systems such as accounting, payroll, local authority commissioning systems, etc. Examples of such systems are CM2000, ContrOCC, Tempaid, Microsoft Dynamics, Xero or Sage.

CareLineLive’s vision of an ‘all-in-one’ solution is to provide for all of the above in a single software application whose features rely on a single, coherent, well-structured database.

Benefits of all in one homecare management software

What benefits do cloud-based, all-in-one home care systems offer?

All-in-one models offer increased productivity since users don’t have to switch back and forth between different software. This ease-of-use saves time and money. Staff are able to work faster, accomplishing the same work in a tighter schedule without needing to juggle their work across multiple systems.

There is no need for duplicate data input into multiple software systems and no worries about syncing between different systems.

Staff are trained on a single system which results in less confusion and faster working processes. Once trained productivity increases as staff don’t need to switch between systems.

Costs are generally lower because you are only paying for a single system and not for multiple software licenses. And there is only one supplier relationship to manage.

All in one place – there are no problems with integration between software systems – for instance between care planning and rostering systems. And if one of your systems decides to roll out new functionality there is no worry about integration with the other software you are using.

Better security as our in-depth consistent security measures work across the entire system without any security gaps.

Better data collection. With more data points from multiple systems the process of gathering and organising data can take longer. All-in-one solutions offer a single data pipeline which is easier for data entry and also more robust with helpful insights for reporting.

Scalability – software that is cloud-based has the capability to grow with your business. New features are constantly rolled-out seamlessly and these are all included in the subscription price you pay – no need to worry about extra costs in the future. Subscription-based pricing allows for support and future software enhancements in the monthly fees.

A total care management system that meets your needs

You need to deliver care planning, rostering, call monitoring, invoicing, payroll, medication management, communications with others in the care circle. You need functionality that solves multiple problems at once

The best way to meet this need is with specially designed all-in-one home care management software such as CareLineLive. As CareLineLive is cloud-based, it is quick to set up, operates in real-time and is accessible wherever there is an internet connection.

CareLineLive works across three tightly-integrated systems: the Management Platform, the Carer Companion App and the Care Circle Portal. But as different agencies may have different needs you can use CareLineLive flexibly for example as a rostering and care management platform or as a one-stop solution with our Carer Companion App and Care Circle Portal.

Like to know more?

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