Making the move from paper-based records to using technology: the experience of carers

Starting from a reluctancy to use technology to then fully embracing it, discover what carers who use CareLineLive have to say about the transition.
Digitisation - customer testimonials
Nathalie Vallejo
2nd July 2024

Overcoming the fear of digitisation

One of the most common concerns we find when talking to home care providers about embracing home care management software is that they don’t think their carers will like the move from paper to digital.

Many carers are older and describe themselves as technophobic. They are often actively resistant to using technology and consequently hold the organisation back from embracing new systems that can bring an increase in efficiency and profitability.

But are their fears grounded? What do carers have to say that were initially resistant but have since used digital systems? Have they been able to make the change and how do they now feel?

Many of the carers we have talked to admit to having been extremely apprehensive about using mobile apps and electronic care plans. However without exception all have come to love CareLineLive.

We share some of their reflections here. You can click through to the relevant case study or interview in the links:

“I was completely against it at the start and was unwilling to embrace it. Now I feel silly because it has all worked out for the best. CareLineLive makes things a lot easier. It is so much easier to see where you are working and updates made on my run.” Carer from South East Trust in Belfast


“I think the CareLineLive app is so much better than having to use pen and paper. It’s quick and easily accessible to see previous notes.” Rhiannon Brennan, Youniversal Care


“CareLineLive has changed the way we work without a shadow of a doubt. It has massively improved the company, how it works, everything flows better.” Julie, Maria’s Home Care Companions


“CareLineLive has been a great addition to us as care providers in terms of opening up more doors of communication and being able to receive updates from the carers of our clients on a daily basis.” Leanne Currie, Everycare Rugby and Warwickshire


“I like CareLineLive. You don’t have to worry about finding a pen! Everything is there. I found it very quick to pick up and I sometimes help some of my colleagues to use it and better understand how it works.” Cheryl Walker, Brightening Lives


“CareLineLive helps us all as we are able to trace the carers and see that everyone is running on time. Being a live app has made our jobs much easier as we can see at a glance where everyone is up to and that our service is running smoothly.” Lorraine Watson, Delta Care

What support is available for carers when you make the change to digital?

When you sign up for CareLineLive you will go through a comprehensive onboarding process. This will get your office-based staff fully up-to-speed with the software and confident to show carers how to use the Carer Companion mobile app. There are also a number of easy-to-understand videos that carers can watch to learn how to use the app during their visits.

It is our priority to be alongside each and every one of our customers and to always be available to help quickly and efficiently. And if you or your carers need support beyond our support articles and videos (in the last six months over 80% of customer queries have been answered this way) they have three ways of contacting our team – by our messaging system Intercom, by email or by phone.

Here’s what Simone Dyer from Everycare Rugby had to say about our support:

“There is always someone at the end of the phone if we have a problem and they are very quick to resolve issues with rostering and any “blips”. We have been with them for just over a year now and all the staff are very easy to talk to and now (having got to know them) we can actually have a laugh and joke with them which really helps with stresses from both ends.”

You can read other CareLineLive customer reviews on Trustpilot and discover more about our customer support team here.

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