Tips for remote working & how we are helping Carers during the COVID-19 outbreak

With the COVID-19 pandemic, CareLineLive offer guidance on remote working & how our Carer Companion App is helping keep carers & clients as safe as possible
Marie Page
19th March 2020
Tips for successful remote working

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, CareLineLive are committed to helping where we can. As well as updating CareLineLive to help our customers’ carers and clients stay as safe as possible, we have put together some tips and advice on remote working, if that is something your business is considering or is required to do.

Working from home or remotely

Here are some tools that we use regularly at CareLineLive to facilitate remote working that may help your business, if you don’t already use them.

Slack – A company chatroom

  • Allows quick and easy communication with multiple people
  • Generous free plan – no cost to getting up & running
  • Can be accessed on computers & smartphones

Microsoft Office 365 or Google G Suite

  • Cloud operating systems that support Word, Excel, & shared file directories
  • Paid subscription service

Telephones & ensuring calls can still be answered

If your office is already using an internet phone (VOIP) system, you should be able to also take calls from a smartphone. Check with your VOIP provider on how to set this up.

Video calls/meetings to make sure you can still virtually meet with your colleagues

  • Daily video calls enable everyone to keep up to date with day-to-day responsibilities
  • Slack offers one-to-one video calls for free
  • Google Suite & Microsoft Office 365 offer Google Hangouts & Skype for video calls

How to encourage productive homeworking

  • Keep communicating – discuss goals and expectations with your team regularly
  • Allow employees to take equipment home such as monitors, keyboards etc
  • Keep to a routine – take regular, short breaks. Get up and stretch your legs, outside if possible
  • Set up your workspace at a desk or table – preferably away from where you spend your evening

How we can help you with remote working

CareLineLive are partners for Microsoft and Google and can help your business set up remote working. If you don’t currently have a VOIP service in place, we may also be able to help you get set up with a temporary number for use outside of your office.

Boost your business’s online profile

During a time where there is likely to be an increase of those searching for home care online, we can help your business with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). We can increase awareness for your company online by optimising your website content to help your website appear higher up in the search results of Google and other search engines.

CareLineLive Carer Companion App provides COVID 19 guidance & prompts for carers

How our Carer Companion App is helping Carers to minimise the spread of infection

Our Carer Companion App has been updated to include guidance on COVID-19, e.g. what symptoms to look out for, and hygiene reminders at relevant times throughout a carer’s visit

  • At the start of a visit – carers are reminded to wash hands, wear gloves (if required) and follow company policies
  • At the end of a visit – carers are prompted to wash hands and clean surfaces thoroughly

Additionally using CareLineLive, Care Managers can also prioritise clients by assigning a priority within their client profile on the Management Platform.

As phones are a high-contact item, we are encouraging carers to clean their phones  regularly – watch this BBC video for guidance on how to clean phones safely.

We hope the above information has provided you with some tips and guidance on how best to work remotely. With the current ever-changing situation, we are continue to work hard to develop CareLineLive to help those using our home care software stay as safe as possible.  

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