The19th-25th September marks International Week of Happiness at Work, a week to raise awareness for implementing a happier and cheerful workplace.

Happiness at work is not just about an individual’s happiness, it represents the change and experience of all those involved in organisations. CareLineLive is proud to support this and encourages the care industry to shape the wellbeing of clients, family members and colleagues.

The care industry was placed under an enormous amount of pressure during the pandemic and staff are still facing challenges on a day to day basis. Carers’ wellbeing is important, not only for their own health, but also for the elderly and vulnerable people they care for. Our technology is changing the way carers manage their work. By improving communication, more time can be spent caring for those that need it the most. We can give back more time to care, allowing carers to be less stressed, more fulfilled and do their best.

Completing the ‘circle of care’ between carers, agencies, those receiving care, and their loved ones to ensure happiness and wellbeing is maintained. Digitalising the home care system with our Care Circle Portal for family friends and other medical professionals will provide them with all the client information needed and always readily available 24/7.

We hope that by promoting International Week of Happiness at Work, each individual in the workplace and those receiving care will continue to receive the support and improved wellbeing they deserve with the addition of digital transformation in the healthcare sector.

Although we are a provider of software and services, we are humans behind the face of our technology, ensuring that we promote diversity, well being and inclusivity within our own team too.

If you’d like to hear more about how CareLineLive can help your home care agency please give us a call to arrange a demo.

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