Meet the Team: Australian Regional Manager, Elena Neale

Elena is our new on-the-ground recruit helping us roll out CareLineLive in Australia. We particularly like her habitual start and finish to the day! #WeAreHumans
Marie Page
24th January 2024

Elena has joined the team as our on-the-ground regional manager for Australia.

What does the Australian Regional Manager do?

This position plays a vital role in extending CareLineLive’s impact to more caregivers in Australia, enhancing their ability to work safely and efficiently. I achieve this by understanding market requirements, managing client relationships, and contributing to the strategic planning for the company’s growth in the Australian market.

Describe a typical day

Well, it definitely starts with a coffee and ends with a red wine! (There’s usually the obligatory pool laps thrown in there somewhere as well….) Generally though, there is no typical day when you are bringing a company into a new country. Some days I’m focused on marketing with my creative UK team, planning for the next Aged Care Conference or sharing product demo’s. Other days might involve checking in with clients, resolving local enquiries and fostering new business development.

What did you do before joining CareLineLive?

I have a professional background in legal and HR consulting, so I can understand and appreciate the workforce challenges regularly faced by Aged Care Providers. Post COVID-19, issues such as productivity, recruitment, and retention have become particularly prominent. By prioritising both the human aspects of a provider company and its financial considerations, I can assist in contributing to the overall efficiency and sustainability of home care operations.

Why did you join CareLineLive?

In my recent past roles as Managing Director, I was tasked with steering rapidly growing or start-up companies towards expansion. Now Josh (Hough) has entrusted me with a similar mission – to replicate the success of his already acclaimed product in the UK, this time in Australia. This project is particularly meaningful to me, influenced by my own experience as a live-in carer for my mother after suffering multiple strokes and losing her mobility.

Best part of the job

One of the most gratifying aspects of my job is meeting those on the front line of home care. I know these employees or volunteers work tirelessly to provide care to others, and the knowledge that I can offer something to make their lives easier is incredibly rewarding for me.

Worst part of the job

One of the aspects of my role that I find challenging is when a provider expresses a desire to stay with their current software vendor despite being unhappy with the service and product. I understand the significant and costly nature of transitioning to a new IT system, especially when it’s an integral component of day-to-day operations. However, CareLineLive offers such an affordable premium product in this market, that it really is low risk!

What do you enjoy most about working at CareLineLive

Definitely the team. We’re fortunate to have a fantastic group of high-performing professionals who genuinely care about each other and our customers. Josh has cultivated an incredible culture centred around strong collaboration and making a positive difference in the lives of others. How could you not love coming to work everyday?

What is something that people in home care have to deal with that you want to help fix?

The notion that a home care provider needs a significant financial outlay to transition into an effective integrated system. This is a fallacy! If providers want to ensure long-term planning and sustainable growth in the future, they need a system that will optimise their operations and evolve according to funding model changes. CareLineLive is one the few all-in-one management systems that is actually affordable and therefore very low risk to try.

Surprising or a fun fact about you

Elena Australian Regional Manager

I am a Coeliac and committed to helping find a cure or treatment. I have sat on the Board of the QLD Coeliac Society assisting in research and public awareness campaigning and am now participating in a 6 month medical trial using an experimental drug testing for human efficacy (much to the anguish of my husband and five children!). I am however, looking forward to visiting Italy after the trial ends– surprisingly the world’s most gluten-free country. Pizza and pasta here I come!



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