Meet the Team: Kirstie Hichens, Managing Director, CareForIT and Ulysses

Understand more about Kirstie's management style, what she has done before and what she most likes about working at CareLineLive.
Marie Page
30th May 2024

What does the CareFor Ulysses Managing Director do?

I oversee the day-to-day running of CareFor and Ulysses, which means I lead teams across the whole company to ensure the smooth running of the business to ensure we deliver an excellent solution to our customers. We foster a collaborative spirit in the team and our aim is to ensure that we build lasting relationships with all our customers regardless of size. We are continuously learning and adapting the SaaS (Software As A Service) to ensure that we are creating an excellent platform for our users. I also strongly believe that organisations thrive when individuals are given the tools and opportunities to grow professionally. My ethos is that encouraging skill development and continuous learning allows team members to reach their full potential and as individuals succeed this is intertwined with our success as a company.

Describe a typical day

Our days start with stand-up – a chance for the team to all get together as we all work remotely – to chat about any issues or successes, the rest of the day is normally filled with customer meetings, team meetings about development and checking over the financials. It’s never the same day twice.

Previous roles / organisations

I’ve worked in domiciliary care software for the last four years and before that I was a senior national account manager for a frozen food company responsible for a multi-million pound budget, I’ve worked in the USA, Canada and for a short time in my 20’s in Guernsey.

Why did you join CareLineLive?

I joined CareLineLive following the acquisition of CareForIT. It has been such an easy transition it is fantastic to carry on the same great work but with more resource.

Best part of the job

Working with a great bunch of people.

Worst part of the job

Losing a customer to a competitor, when I know we’ve still got solutions, especially now that CareLineLive is an alternative to CareForIT, that can work for them.

What you most enjoy about working at CareLineLive

The team and the customers – I love speaking to people and getting to know their business needs and finding a solution that works for them.

What is something that people in home care have to deal with that you want to help fix?

Our customers have massive demands on their time and recruitment is so tough, if using our tools can help customers use staff more effectively and allow them to carry out their role on the front line more easily than that would be a great result.

Surprising or a fun fact about you

I’ve just taken up ladies cricket and was due to play my first match in spring 24 but to date everything has been rained off.

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