Meet the Team: Director of Sales, Richard Bedford

Richard joined CareLineLive through our acquisition of CareFor. He brings many years experience working with private providers and public sector customers.
Marie Page
23rd May 2024

Richard joined CareLineLive as a result of our acquisition of the business behind CareFor where he was founder, shareholder and Sales Director of CareFor.

How did you see the acquisition being a positive for both organisations?

Simply as a result of size and growth the acquisition enabled us to provide support for businesses at a higher level. We now have nearly 50 staff as a combined business – that’s great combined knowledge and skill sets which can bring about many benefits.

CareFor brought with it multiple local authority contracts which together with CareLineLive has opened the door to a much wider and more complete set of opportunities across that sector.

What we saw in CareLineLive is a forward thinking, modern, ground breaking technological solution which is not only able to support their customers but add great benefit to CareFor customers moving forwards.

We had many discussions about acquisitions previously but finding the right buyer was of the utmost importance to fit the culture we created at CareFor rather than a sprawling corporate entity where we might have been swallowed up. Customers have real relationships with individuals at CareFor. It’s the same at CareLineLive – it feels as if we have genuine shared values and culture.

Both Josh and myself have been intent on ensuring that ALL our customers get the best possible service and solution. This acquisition gave us the opportunity to be one of the most credible home care software providers in the business.

We are currently working on a number of large bid opportunities together. We are definitely stronger together than either would have been separately.

We have also rebranded the eBrokerage product as CareLineLive eBrokerage. This has gone through a number of recent upgrades and we are talking to eight different local authorities about procuring the software.

CareLineLive eBrokerage is a simple way for commissioning bodies, care brokers/care arrangers and care providers to collaborate and work more efficiently so service users experience better care and improved service.

What does CareLineLive’s Director of Sales do?

Kirstie Hichens runs the day-to-day operations of CareFor whilst I head up the combined sales team.

Since the acquisition I’ve focused on knowledge sharing and ensuring that opportunities are provided with the best technology that suits the customer from across the group.

I will be at all the big private and public sector events in the coming months as well as a number of local care association events. Do come over and say hello.

Describe a typical day

A typical day involves wearing two hats at the moment.

The first hat is about ensuring that CareFor’s staff and customers are supported to the maximum level possible – I’m still in regular contact with customers there and and I’m really proud of the business we built under that brand. The second is to work with CareLineLive ensuring that we help integrate both the teams and their knowledge to create the best possible platforms for our Group customers.

9 months since the acquisition how have you found CareLineLive?

I’ve been very impressed by the culture that has been built. The CareLineLive team have been so welcoming to the staff we have brought across as part of the acquisition.

All parties are finding positives in the different software. So CareFor has informed CareLineLive’s development roadmap. I’ve been in the sector for over 18 years and in my honest opinion CareLineLive is one of the best pieces of software I have ever seen. In a market where some of the software is dated and no longer fit for purpose it is so refreshing to see a modern, forward looking solution for the home care sector.

CareLineLive also comes with DSCR accreditation and this has proved hugely beneficial to some of our opportunities.

Best part of the job

Again this is twofold. I love to help support my staff in their career growth and also when you get great feedback from a current customer – there is nothing better.

Just last week I had a conversation with a Ulysses customer who had been with us for over four years. They had given notice and were moving to an alternative solution. Together we sat a demo with one of the CareLineLive sales team and I’m delighted to say that CareLineLive now has a new customer.

What is something that people in home care have to deal with that you want to help fix?

For me the key thing in home care is creating a solution that encompasses rostering, care monitoring and more in a situation where time and resource is so scarce. Our software can help mitigate some of the problems people are facing.

Surprising or a fun fact about you

Richard Bedford and family

I’m married with two children, Amber, 7 and Sophie, 4. This picture is taken in Dubai where I have relatives, from the top of The Palm.

As well as enjoying holidays and long weekends I play a lot of golf and at one point had a handicap in single figures. 



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