Meet the Team: Customer Support Manager, Sarah Kelsey

"As someone in their 50s and no digital native, I’m able to reassure customers who are perhaps uncertain about embracing technology." #WeAreHumans
Marie Page
5th February 2024

Sarah Kelsey manages the onboarding process and on-going support for new customers, so after the sales manager, is often the first point of contact with a customer’s admin team, for whom we run three in-depth training sessions.

Sarah will work with larger organisations in advance of onboarding to tailor the content of the sessions to precisely meet the ways in which they will be using CareLineLive. For instance, with NursePlus we had a “super user” group session who were trained in everything and more standard sessions where other staff were trained in the narrower range of functions that they would need every day rather than the larger number of features that the super users needed to become proficient in.

Some new customers like to import legacy data from previous software when they start with us. The customer support team help manage this migration process using import templates. Sarah checks that the customer’s CareLineLive environment (i.e. their particular instance of the CareLineLive software) is properly set up before the import takes place and will handhold the client to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible.

Her team also runs refresher Q&A sessions for customers and will soon be running regular webinars showcasing aspects of the software as well as new features.

When not onboarding Sarah is one of the team that answers the phone and responds to emails on the customer support line.

When a bug is identified by a customer, Support is normally the first CareLineLive team to hear about it. The team have to replicate the bug and triage the issue back to Development to be fixed.

The support team also thoroughly tests any new features prior to roll out. It is essential that they are thoroughly familiar with every aspect of the system so that they can provide efficient and clear guidance to customers when training or responding to questions.

The support team spend a lot of time listening to customers and as a result are an important channel of communication back to our development team. This may be regarding new features or ways to improve on something already in the software.

Sarah says that they also learn from our customers about the way in which they use the software – little workarounds, tips and tricks – and from those continue to develop best practice for others.

What did you do before joining CareLineLive?

I joined CareLineLive two years ago and prior to that was working as a training and implementation manager for project management software in the building industry.

Why did you join CareLineLive?

I totally believed in what CareLineLive was trying to achieve. Good domiciliary care is very important to our society and in order to free up more time for people in home care agency offices, and out delivering care to allow for that more human interaction and less time dealing with paperwork is crucial.

I also liked the aspect of accountability that good care planning software enables. From the perspective of the agency managing their carers and knowing exactly where they are and what care has been given with detailed records through to carers having software that they can trust to provide them with the information that they need as well as ensuring that they are paid correctly, that their mileage is properly recorded. It looks after everyone’s well-being – the service user, the carer and the home care agency.

So many carers and agencies out there are worried about going digital. They are fearful of technology. As a person that has 100% confidence in the software, I feel that I can fully support people to make that digital leap.

Best part of the job

I love that our software is making our customers successful in their businesses. CareLineLive ticks compliance boxes for the CQC, the Care Circle portal provides the information that friends and family need and rostering, payroll, eMAR, invoicing and reporting are all there for the home care agency. Finally there is timely, easy-to-use information for carers to make their job more efficient and free them up to spend more time with service users.

Worst part of the job

The inevitable bugs but our dev team are great at getting them fixed quickly.

What you most enjoy about working at CareLineLive?

The team are great and the product is fantastic.
I also love the rapport we build with customers. They are not afraid of picking up the phone and asking for help. We really do feel like an extension to their teams – I feel as if in some ways that we are co-workers and friends.

What is something that people in home care have to deal with that you want to help fix?

Everything is going down the digital path now and being able to support people on that journey is a privilege.
As someone in their 50s and no digital native, I’m able to reassure customers who are perhaps uncertain about embracing technology. If I can do it and train people to use the technology well, anyone can manage to work with it.
When someone that was really worried about using the software, or fearful that they could learn via a screen share then becomes a proficient user is very satisfying & motivating. When that person gains the ability to use the software day-to-day and is proud of what they have achieved I am very happy.

Surprising fact about you

Sarah ready for kayaking
Sarah ready for kayaking

I’m a grandmother of two boys and love to kayak and walk in my spare time. I love to try new things, however I do draw the line at bungee jumping!!

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