Meet the Team: Frontend Developer Alan (Ka-Lun Ho)

Q&A with our newest developer Alan Ho who joins us with a fascinating breadth of design and programming experience. #WeAreHumans
Marie Page
24th October 2022

Known to us as Alan, Ka-Lun Ho is our most recent developer recruit, working on making sure the front end (the parts of our software that customers see) integrates well with the technical back end, and displays beautifully. He’s responsible for what techs call the ‘UI’, or User Interface Design, basically the screen you look at, the buttons you click and where everything is placed on the page.

What did you do before working at CareLineLive?

After I finished my higher diploma in design, I spent three years working in an online retail store in Hong Kong. I was responsible for building design guidelines for online shops and product packaging for three product lines. I also led a photography team in Guangzhou. During that time I was also able to learn frontend development as part of my role in maintaining some elements of the online stores.

Around 2011, digital transformation became the next big thing so I decided to challenge myself by changing my role to a UI designer and frontend developer. After four years being self-taught, I became a senior frontend developer in a marketing agency. I enriched my portfolio, from building mini website campaigns to web portal prototypes. A few years later, I joined Accenture Interactive as a frontend development specialist where I created interactive web applications, made mini web games and integrated APIs to web based platforms.

Then Covid arrived and political issues made Hong Kong a more complicated place to live so my wife and I decided to move to the UK.

Why did you join CareLineLive?

I believe helping people is the best way to generate motivation for work. That is why I choose a health tech company as my first job after moving to the UK from Hong Kong. Many countries face the issue of an ageing population. Higher demand for home care also means more opportunity and competition in the market. The sooner digital transformation happens in this sector, the sooner carer agencies can focus on their clients and provide a more efficient service. That is why I liked the idea of working at CareLineLive, to help develop innovative products to make a home care agencies easier to manage.

What do you most enjoy about working at CareLineLive?

People here show respect for each other. A healthy work-life balance is also available here – not always the case for many developers.

What do you hope to achieve working at CareLineLive?

I want to improve the ‘UI’ (user experience) of our app and develop some of the new features that customers have requested for our web applications. When our users save time as a result of using CareLineLive products, they have more time to spend on other aspects of their service.

Fun fact about you

I was once a graphic designer and an assistant photographer. I once owned an online shop selling climbing gear and accessories. When not working I enjoy bouldering, free diving, kayaking and board games.

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